Becoming successful at Dropshipping means you need to run multiple niche stores

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Becoming successful at Dropshipping means you need to run multiple niche stores

Whenever someone starts their first dropshipping store, they may think they're going to strike it rich and never have another worry in their life.  The truth is, people who are successful with dropshipping rarely have one store pulling in sales.  Many of the bigger dropshipping sites have dozens of stores running side by side, in similar niches, they're doing SEO, and they're very good at online marketing.

If you want to start a dropshipping store, that's awesome, but you might not get rich from just one.  What you should be doing is building up a network of sites, maybe a multi-site, and run each one side by side while sharing traffic if possible.

Get niche specific with 5+ stores
When you're running a dropshipping business, you need to think of how you can thread five different stores together and make them work.  Think of it as a home, you have all your rooms that connect and each of these rooms would be a different store.  You could have five different stores that sold things for different rooms in your house lol.  You could have a living room dropshipping store, a bathroom dropshipping store, a kitchen dropshipping store, a bedroom dropshipping store, and a man cave dropshipping store.  All of those will easily link to each other, but I would hope you think outside the box a bit and come up with your ideas Becoming successful at Dropshipping means you need to run multiple niche stores

You'll need to get pretty specific about your niches; you can't target something like "Home and Garden" as your main keyword because you probably don't have the funding necessary to run PPC ads.  It will also take forever to rank for a keyword like that, so I hope you can get more specific about your stores, which would help you out tremendously.

Think about how much you'll spend on ads
Running ads for stores like this is what will bring people in to purchase right away.  You don't have to worry about how long SEO takes to bear fruit, even though you should be doing it from day one, and that's because PPC ads bring targeted traffic in the day your ads get approved.

If you're in a competitive niche, and you're not being super specific and targeting small niches, you'll burn through your advertising money within the first week and be screwed the rest of the month.  Think of smaller niches, something that easy to take over, and run stores within dozens of them to turn a larger profit.

Research keyword difficulty and estimate time to rank
One thing that I always do when running a dropshipping store, or setting up any website, is in-depth keyword research to make sure I know what I'm getting into.  If my main keyword has 100,000+ searches and is extremely difficult to rank for, I'll start looking for a new niche, and once I find a good one, I'll dive into it after doing my research.

A difficult niche won't only be tough to rank in, it'll cost a lot in advertising, and that's why I always suggest targeting more obscure niches and getting devoted to them.

Link your support system to one dashboard
I can't express this enough; you need to be active when it comes to your support for users and customers!  If you're running multiple stores, it will get difficult logging into each one and answering support tickets or sending emails.  Instead, set up one support system that lists all of your websites and funnel people to it.  This is the easiest way to have one dashboard, one support system, and top-notch support for anyone that has a question.  It's also pretty good at helping you cross advertise for free since people opening support tickets will see your other sites in the list Becoming successful at Dropshipping means you need to run multiple niche stores

Final Thoughts,
Running a dropshipping business isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's far from the most difficult, which is why a lot of beginners love doing it.  You don't have any inventory to worry about, you can mark your prices below suggested retail price, and you have fewer worries overall.  What most beginners don't know is that you probably need 5+ stores before you can consider yourself a full-fledged business and making enough money to quit your day job lol.  Get niche-specific, do your research, and run everything like a professional would and you might see some success down the road Becoming successful at Dropshipping means you need to run multiple niche stores

Thanks for reading Becoming successful at Dropshipping means you need to run multiple niche stores

Tommy Carey


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Very Well Said !

Finding a Highly Favourable Niche is (unarguably) one of the most important steps to conquer.

However : You will still have to Successfully Promote Yourself , after finding that Highly Favourable Niche.

Of Course : Having Numerous Stores is definitely useful ; as is having Excellent SEO Marketing Strategies.

Otherwise : Your (SEO-Savvy) Competitors will (Craftily) Snatch that Highly Favourable Niche away from you.

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