3 ways to succeed in a saturated market like SEO

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3 ways to succeed in a saturated market like SEO

Whenever you start a website, there will likely be competition within your Niche and Industry.  One problem you might run into is that your type of business may have massive amounts of competition, resulting in a saturated market, and that means you have an uphill battle if you want to be successful.

There are many industries that have hundreds or thousands of businesses fighting for clients, but we'll keep it relatable and talk about SEO since this is a cut-throat niche.

Think about it, how many times do you see someone pushing a new SEO service that guarantees top rankings because they cracked the Google algorithm?  I'm sure you've seen that at least once this week lol.  Many people who sell SEO will become decent copywriters so they can bring more clients on board, but that's not the only way you can boost your success within this niche.

Lower your pricing to get reviews
If you're starting, you'll want to gather as many positive reviews as possible and to do this, you will need to drop your prices to a point where you don't profit much, but you're not paying for anything yourself.

If you're like me, you don't mind busting your but for top rankings, but you'll need to get paid well if it's not your website.  I always drop my pricing on a new website so that I can bring in reviews, but I'll always push them back up to my normal rates once I feel I have enough positive reviews.  You'll want some local reviews, national reviews, and international reviews to prove to everyone that you can do everything, and it doesn't matter where your client is located.

Offer customer analytics and a backend dashboard
A big thing I've noticed that clients love a personal login to your backend systems which is their dashboard.  They can log in, see what you're doing and what you've done, and they can watch their keyword rankings as much as they want.  A lot of dashboards are pre-designed, and you can pick one up on codecanyon, and all you have to do is tweak it to show specific things to your clients when they log in. 

After you have your dashboard set up, you can then upload reports and even link it to a 3rd party tracking system to show your clients where they rank for specific keywords.  If you want to get even fancier, you can create a dashboard where they can watch everything like their Google Analytics and every little data piece they can think of.  Create a dashboard for not only SEO, but for Analytics, and you'll see people coming back month after month 3 ways to succeed in a saturated market like SEO

Keep them coming back through email marketing and retargeting
It doesn't matter if you have 100 clients signed up and paying you, and that's all the traffic you get, you should be bringing them back into your website at least once a week. 

You can use email marketing to bring people back in who frequently check their emails, and you can retarget your visitors using the Facebook pixel or a 3rd party system.  Think of this as a reminder to everyone that has come to your website and registered to your newsletter to come back and check you out.

Final Thoughts,
It's not easy to stand out within a saturated market, which is why a lot of SEOs have side businesses outside of marketing, but it's not impossible to achieve greatness.  You need to stick with it, get plenty of reviews, give your customers a back end system for monitoring, and bring everyone back as often as you possibly can if you want to stand out within a saturated market.

Thanks for reading 3 ways to succeed in a saturated market like SEO

Tommy Carey


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