[Help] Want tot/How to buy Paid Boost

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[Help] Want tot/How to buy Paid Boost

Hi, I can see Buy Boost {Paid] at the below of my Boost Service. But when i click on it, it's not working! Even it's not redirecting or giving me any message how to buy paid boost or whether i'm eligible to purchase paid boost or not? If anybody know about this issue then please let me know. Thanks in advance.

NB: Please consider my mistakes softly if this question makes any violation of SEOClerk's terms and conditions. Because I don't want to violate even a single rule of this great platform. 

[Help] Want tot/How to buy Paid Boost


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Hey there,

There might have been a bug that wasn't allowing you to perform the purchase. Are you still having the problem?

Whenever I'm buying a boost, a category feature, or anything else related to my service I will go to the services page and click on the link below the service I'm looking to advertise. This way I can get the right service boosted or featured and not worry about what happens if I find a different link aiming somewhere that might not exist.

This theme is fairly new and is still being worked on, so you might run into a bug or two. I'm sure the admins know about this and are working on everything as quickly as possible [Help] Want tot/How to buy Paid Boost

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Hello there,

You might try buying boosts using this link -

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