Why collaborating within your industry is so powerful

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Why collaborating within your industry is so powerful

A lot of people out there aren't huge fans of teaming up with their competitors but I've found it to be beneficial for both sides.  What's not to like?  You get to do half the work and have someone on your team that's just as knowledgeable with something as you are with your specific thing?

Many businesses out there are run by a few people, rarely by a single person, and that's why teaming up is so powerful when it comes to digital services like SEO and SMM.  If you can pair up with someone that has "the skills to pay the bills," then you're only doubling the power of both your companies as long as both of you stay active.

You can partner with industry leaders that aren't competitors
What I like to do is talk with a bunch of programmers and people who wouldn't be direct competitors to my SEO agency.  I will partner with design agencies, freelance designers, and even social media managers to get the best for both of our businesses.

Not everyone is a jack of all trades when it comes to digital services.  A programmer and website designer may not be great at SEO and marketing, whereas you're great at it but horrible with anything related to coding.  Partnering up with someone that has skills opposite of yours, but compliment your business, will always pay off in the short and long run.  Think about it, you can partner with an amazing programmer and he/she can fix your site when needed and you can place a few backlinks for them when you stumble across something that will help them out.  Your time helping them will help you as well Why collaborating within your industry is so powerful

You can share traffic, increase sales, and grow together
I love partnering with companies that aren't direct competitors because we can share traffic, add each other into our newsletters, and grow our profits side by side.  You can do this because your new partner won't be able to sell them services related to your own and you can't do the same for the people they send you.  It's a symbiotic relationship that works both ways and boosts your bank accounts at the same time lol.

You can build relationships that can grow into joint ventures
If you're running a business and your partner is running a business you might decide to join together and run them together.  This will merge your companies and offer many more options to your visitors than before.  You can also start something entirely new and work together from day 1 on a project that will hopefully bring people in and make both of you rich Why collaborating within your industry is so powerful

You can join people with the same drive, skills, and knowledge
Over time you could partner with a dozen people and none of them have the same skill sets.  You could have specialists in every section of your industry and essentially have a super team of people who can do anything.  You could be assembling your digital Avengers and not even know it!

I have plenty of people I can go to for programming problems, design needs, social media stuff, etc. but I've yet to pitch them my own Avengers plan.  We do have a Skype group together, where we help each other, but we're all doing our own thing at the moment.  I would think the trick to assembling a team like this is to mention it early on and figure something out before everyone is successful and can't spend any spare time working on a new project.

Final Thoughts,
Partnering within your industry can be extremely powerful because you can create a web of sites that share traffic together.  You can then partner with more people/businesses and eventually merge or start your own projects together from day one and be as successful as you possibly can.  Remember to partner with people that have skills within your industry, but not skills you have, and you will have the best outcome possible!

Thanks for reading Why collaborating within your industry is so powerful

Tommy Carey


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