Why your blog should be treated better than most sections of your website

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Why your blog should be treated better than most sections of your website

Over the years, we have seen the online world evolve to be something with amazing potential that helps us work online full time.  What hasn't evolved is the use of the blogs on our websites.  I think we may have devolved and don't use them as much as we should be to bring in traffic, sales, and get seen by select groups of people that can help us out.

Your blog isn't something on your website that should be taken seriously since it has amazing potential.  There are businesses out there that can give their blogs 100% of the credit for bringing in the traffic that has now made them rich, which is why I'm shocked when people aren't blogging for their websites OR their business websites.

It has the potential to make you rich
Like I mentioned above, your blog can bring in floods of traffic that can turn into paying customers, and that is how you will become rich.  You can optimize your blog posts for the search engines, rank for specific keywords over time, and get free traffic flooding your pages that turn into sales.

The more content you have on your blog, the more potential you have to rank higher, and the more authority you may hold in the eyes of the reader.  If someone lands on your website and you have a lackluster blog, you may see them bounce quickly.  Now, if you have dozens or hundreds of articles on your blog, then you might see them sticking around for 20 minutes and turn into a customer Why your blog should be treated better than most sections of your website

It can help your brand yourself or your website
One of the best things I've noticed from blogging is that you can brand yourself as an authority within your industry by typing content and publishing it to your site.  This isn't a difficult thing to do, and for the most part, we can all type.  The better your content is, the more likely you'll be seen as a professional, and that means more content will give you a better chance of being seen as the authority you should be Why your blog should be treated better than most sections of your website

Your content can brand yourself AND your website the same way.  The more content you have on your blog means your website is more active, and that's what people like to see.  No one wants to land on a site, click on "Blog," and see one or two posts from three years ago.  If this happens, you'll be losing sales, and that's because people will think your site is dead and just taking up space lol.  They won't want to invest their money into a site that might not send them a product or do a service for them, so they'll go to the next site that seems active and give them money Why your blog should be treated better than most sections of your website

It can generate discussions within your community
One of the beauties of blogging is you can create discussions around your blog posts.  You can take people to your forum and post a link to your blog post and ask them to discuss it.  You can also post your blog posts on 3rd party sites and forums to help pull people in and get them commenting on the post itself.

Creating buzz through blogging isn't the most difficult thing to do, but it can be tricky if you constantly post on 3rd party sites, and that's because the admin may see you as posting only to siphon traffic.  If this happens, you might get banned, so switch up the links from time to time and share something from Google News or Wikipedia to throw them off lol.

It can pull in backlinks that help increase your rankings
I love blogging for the fact that I will get around 12+ decent backlinks for a single blog post that has helped someone wth a problem or given them advice.  I say 12+ because that seems to be the average for me right now Why your blog should be treated better than most sections of your website

You can ask people to share your content, give them options for sharing it, or you can ask them to mention your content, and that means they'll probably link back to the page where your post is (on your blog).

It can attract investors
You'd be amazed at how many times people have gotten investors' attention simply through blogging.  Investors use Google, too, and they search for specific things, which means your blog could be pulling them to you!

An investor will contact you if he thinks your business has the potential to go big, or at least profit them a bit of money, so you should be blogging from day one and always optimizing along the way to pull them in.

Final Thoughts,
Blogging should be as common to you as going to the bathroom, it should be something you have to do, and that's sad because not everyone is publishing content to their blogs.  You can get massive amounts of traffic to your website if you optimize your content for specific keywords and boost your authority in the eyes of Google.  There's no telling how successful you can get through blogging so why not give it a try and write some content today Why your blog should be treated better than most sections of your website

Thanks for reading Why your blog should be treated better than most sections of your website

Tommy Carey


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Totally agree. Based on my earlier attempts at trying to make money online between my inexperience at blogging and not understanding the importance and value of my blog, I neglected that portion of my website. I have since taken on other blogging and writing projects but my websites are still online. I will have to go back one day and see if I can breathe life into the blog. It's either that or remove the link. If you're not going to take the time to make the blog better, then you should probably remove the link altogether. You don't want to disappoint your site visitors.

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Yeah, you'd be surprised how many people have a blank blog section but still link to it lol.

You're absolutely right when you say you should remove the link if you don't plan on blogging. It's similar to email marketing, if you're going to collect emails and not send out newsletters, you should stop collecting emails.

You could definitely breathe life back into your blogs even if they haven't been touched for a while. Try sitting down for a few hours and write up an article for each of your blogs. I try to do this on the weekends when I have time, or I'll do it on Monday and make sure I can get some additional content on my site so it stays fresh. Even if you're rewriting content from a popular blog in your niche it will help with your rankings and your visitors will appreciate it Why your blog should be treated better than most sections of your website

I know plenty of people who have problems writing content and they will do what I explained above. They get it out of the way early, sometimes a month in advance, and they will schedule the content to go out periodically throughout the month.

You don't have to get crazy about your blog but it does help if you have recent posts. No one wants to land on a site, go to the blog, and see that the last post was from 3 years ago lol. If that happens, your visitors will think the site is abandoned, and they won't take any more actions besides leaving your site entirely.

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