BEST SEO Strategy for 2020

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BEST SEO Strategy for 2020

BEST SEO Strategy for 2020
1. Visual or image optimization
Recently i download Google lens and i see how its gives us information of any image. They shows us similar pages for image that you scan .Thinks about if you have Shopify e-commerce sites you can improve your sales by using relevant alt tags on your image. see image
BEST SEO Strategy for 2020

2. Voice Search
Mostly new generation use voice search for any query that they want to know. Even my cousin little sister search any query on Voice search. In future we will see more voice search traffics so we have to optimize our website content too. Add F.A.Q question and answers paragraph so you can gets voice search traffic.

3. Youtube Video
Youtube video always trending and gets more daily views. so you can use this platform for your business. Add relevant video on your content and see how much organic traffics increase your website.

4. Linkbuilding
Linkbuilding always play a main role in SERP Ranking. In 2020 SEO, I will suggest build Domain Authority links for your website. Like Outreach Guest Post and Infographic image Links. 

5.Keyword Based Content
Before writing any content, you have to search first keywords then you can write information based content on those topic. Remember choose keywords in your website url too like like that.

I have few more suggestion but i think its enough here.


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I see voice search only getting bigger as time goes on and tech evolves. We're already seeing people optimizing for it but it's not quite there yet to become a billionaire off of if you're running simple campaigns lol.

The oldies but goodies are content, image optimization, and Linkbuilding since they're like the foundation of a house and everything else is built on top of it.

Content is King
We all know that content is going to be the main thing that will pull in visitors, since Google loves to rank quality content, and that's why we focus on it so much. Every website has content on it unless it's a horribly designed splash page, and that is why content is a staple when it comes to rankings. You need content as much as you need a boat if you plan to go fishing in the middle of the ocean. It kind of surprises me when someone complains about their rankings and they don't have much content on their site. I always start off by saying "How come you're not blogging?" and the answer is usually "I don't have time for it!" which is the wrong thing to say. Blogging should be one of the top things a website is doing in order to pull in traffic. You can pull in traffic from the search engines, you can set up PPC ads and send it to specific blog posts, and you can send out newsletters with your top blog posts linked within them. There's so much you can do with content and it's funny when people think it's a burden lol.

Image Optimization
Not many people are doing this on a pro-level and I'm not sure why. Saving your image so it has a keyword within the file name, adding alt tags, and doing everything you possibly can to boost your images will only help in the long run. A lot of people probably think it's a burden because they're just images, but people like me love those responses because it means my images are helping to pull in traffic and theirs are not (it's funnier if I'm in the same niche as them lol).

I've been doing SEO for over 15 years and I can say that most of us probably started off building links to boost our rankings and we weren't entirely sure if it was going to work. I've built links in the past that weren't related to my website but helped boost me to page 1 and I wasn't sure why. I've also built links that were super targeted and didn't seem to help the slightest lol. Building links to boost your rankings is a tricky thing if you're not aware of how optimization works. You can build 1,000,000 links tonight and think you're going to rank tomorrow but then you're penalized and hate the internet. It's all about moderation and timing paired with quality content and relevance BEST SEO Strategy for 2020

I could go on for days about SEO and what people should be doing, but I'll stop here so other people can comment lol BEST SEO Strategy for 2020

- Tommy

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As you know that Ranking is not depend on one factors . Content always play main role, if you have information based content for your readers.

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