Common marketing practices that can hurt your startup

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Common marketing practices that can hurt your startup

Whenever you start a company, big or small, you will likely run a marketing campaign to pull in sales.  If you don't know what you're doing, you could be hurting your business, and that's never a good thing when you want to be successful at something you're passionate about.

Starting a business is easy, but the marketing side of things isn't always clear cut and explained well.  For this reason, many businesses fail when it comes to marketing because there is a lot of trial and error.  That's why, in this discussion, I'll be going over some common marketing practices that could be hurting your startup company.

Advertising in Commercials
I get it, you want to be a big dog and be seen all over the world, and that means getting into commercials is likely on your mind.  I'm here to tell you that not every business needs to be in a commercial, and not every business should risk the money on one.

Commercials have a very long campaign, years of advertising before you start to see a positive ROI coming from them.  For this reason, you should avoid a commercial spot for your startup unless you have a big angel investor or firm backing you and your business.

Spending Money and Expecting to get a Positive ROI right away
Let's face it, you're going to screw up, but if you know that's going to happen, then you'll be prepared for it.  If you expect to have an instant ROI coming in from your ads and marketing tactics, you're mistaken, and this is where a lot of people get into trouble.

Don't spend too crazily unless you're absolutely sure you know what you're doing with your money and what is bringing in the best ROI.

Expecting Too Much Too Soon, Then Quitting
Like I mentioned above, you won't be able to see a quick profit from your marketing campaigns and tactics.  It will take a while before people start to trust you, and that's one reason a lot of people quit, but you'll need to be one of the few who sticks it out and finds the profits.

They Don't Understand Their Audience
A big problem with marketing is a lot of startups will push their ads in front of everyone the possibly can because they think "The more people that see my ads, the more money I'll make!" and that's not how advertising works.  Yes, more people will see your ads but that means there are more people NOT purchasing from you because you're not targeting the proper audience.

Not Understand how you Pulled in Whales
When you're tracking every traffic source coming into your website, paid and free, you will have a great understanding of who came from where and what sources are pulling in high paying clients.  If you're not tracking anything for your business, you don't really know where your clients came from, and that means you could waste your time on a traffic source when it's not actually performing well.

Final Thoughts,
Online marketing for your business or startup isn't the easiest thing to do if you're not familiar with it.  You'll fail a few times, waste some money, and if you can do that while pushing through everything, then you'll be successful eventually.  There isn't a guide on how to be successful with online marketing, you simply have to try and work out the errors until you have a good campaign going, and be sure you're tracking everything Common marketing practices that can hurt your startup

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Tommy Carey


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and it’s also very important to know all the possible payment methods that your customers can use based on their region of residence. One of the mistakes of starting a business is to think how convenient it is to receive money, and not how your client will pay you

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That is very true. A lot of startups tend to forget all the payment platforms they will need to integrate with in order to collect all the payments possible. That really only matters to businesses doing sales overseas since they likely just need a payment processor of PayPal if they're selling locally.

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