Tai Lopez - How to start a marketing agency in 7 simple steps

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Tai Lopez - How to start a marketing agency in 7 simple steps

A while back, I would have mocked Tai Lopez for being a "Guru," but now I understand why he does what he does.  He sells a service, courses, and coaching to help you grind and make millions of dollars each year if you're up to the task.  He shows himself within the videos, in front of his expensive cars, and walking through his massive house because the people that convert the best for him are the ones that want the same things he has.  If he shows that he already has it because of his profession, then others will know he's legitimate and follow in his footsteps.

Below I'll break down Tais 7 step process to starting your marketing agency.

Step 1: Use Social Media for Yourself
Like I mentioned above, Tai shows himself in roughly 95% of his videos, and that's because he is his brand.  He puts himself in front of the camera because when someone sees his picture online, they can say, "Hey, I know that guy!" and it creates a bit more branding and authenticity whenever it's needed. 

Using social media to brand yourself isn't difficult, but it does take time, so don't get too worried if you're not pulling in 1,000+ viewers on your Facebook live video if you happened to start today.

Step 2: Select a Lucrative Niche to Target
When picking a lucrative niche, something that is difficult to conquer, you will want to think of the people who can pay you without worry.  A small mom and pop shop selling trinkets will never be able to pay you $5,000+ a month for your SEO and Marketing services, but a plastic surgeon easily can if you get them on the hook.

A marketing agency is what's known as a front-loading business because you put in a massive amount of time in the beginning, while not making much money, and it pays out in the end (hopefully).  It's not like a treadmill business where if you don't show up to work, you don't get paid.

Words of Tai

“Once you know how to help one dentist, it's easy to duplicate and produce consistent results for other dentists,"
He goes on to say...
“You’ll avoid the death trap of trading time for money and build more predictable income streams from multiple retainers.”
This is true for any niche since if you know how to help a single business in a specific area, then you can duplicate that success with another similar business and keep the money flowing.

Step 3: Create Different Service Packages
This is pretty standard, but some people forget that not everyone can pay $15,000+ a month for your agency to get to work, so here's the breakdown.

Package 1: $997
Package 2: $1,997
Package 3: $4,997
Package 4: $9,997

As you likely know, the more the client pays, the more they will get in return when it comes to your services.  You'll get people asking you to do $9,997 work for $997, and you'll have to turn them away, but you can always get them to sign up for Package 1 and have them scale upwards as they get more traffic and sales Tai Lopez - How to start a marketing agency in 7 simple steps

Step 4: Win Over Your Clients Quickly
I'm sure you've done this in the past and didn't know what you were doing, so congrats on that!

What you need to do is get your friends, family members, and even your current clients to refer people to your business if they need a service like yours.  Strangers who find you through a Google search may have a decent conversion rate, but they'll never close as often as a direct referral, and that's why you need to ask your customers for video testimonials that you can post on your website.

The more social proof you have that your services are amazing, the more likely you'll capture another client without having to talk to them much, and that's a winning battle I'll fight every day of the week lol.

Step 5: Tell Amazing Stories to Draw People in.
Everyone is so used to a marketing pitch when they land on your Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter profile, and they've become numb to it.  What Tai does is create amazing stories that talk about his everyday life, what he plans on doing, and it always showcases where he is at the current time. 

This shows people he's not your ordinary marketer, he's laid back, and he's very intelligent.  People feel more relaxed when working with him and his team because of his demeanor and the fact that he isn't pushing his products or services in front of you every chance he gets.

Step 6: Always Track Your Results
If you're not tracking where your visitors are coming from, especially the ones that convert into customers, then you're fighting a losing battle.  Sure, you could get lucky and keep the sales coming in, but it won't last long because one little tweak to your campaign and you can kiss your sale goodbye.

If you know where the money is coming from, you can scale that traffic method, and boost your profits exponentially.

Step 7: Start Hiring Employees
If you can't hire full-time employees to do the heavy lifting, then maybe you can bring on some VAs to do the work.  You will want to be a sort of General who commands his troops (employees), so they can do the smaller tasks while you're in front of the camera or focusing on bigger things related to your agency.

Final Thoughts,
This 7 step process is pretty simple if you read through it, but it's pretty complicated to do it all perfectly on your first try.  Take your time, implement one or two of these each month, and you'll be able to see your profits increase as you work on each of these steps throughout the next 30 days Tai Lopez - How to start a marketing agency in 7 simple steps

Thanks for reading Tai Lopez - How to start a marketing agency in 7 simple steps

Tommy Carey


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