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Feature Request block user

hi good evening to all .it will be good is there a option to block user from messaging .


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Hi there

for me, its better not added.
Someone maybe have a guilty, Someone maybe is not a good person, Someone maybe is liar.
But we are a good person right?
Its better to forgive them and try to report them and SEOClerks staff will do their jobs.
If you didn't want that Person Order's, you can Cancel the order and report the problem to Staff again

Thank you
Your sicerely, rehiga

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I think what jorgejoneee is trying to say is we should be able to block people after they've spammed us with something we didn't ask for.

I tend to get a lot of random PMs coming my way and I'd say that 95% of them are from people who are selling a service and want to generate a sale. I mean, I get it, but it's annoying to see my inbox has something in it and it turns out to be someone saying "Buy my service now please!" which gets annoying.

I wouldn't mind having a blacklist where I can click "I do not want to get PMs from this person anymore" and it will make sure I never hear from them again. It's a good feature to have, and it might show up in the future, but it would need to be thoroughly tested before implementing just to make sure someone can't somehow abuse it through scripts and make it so everyone bans anyone that logs in lol Feature Request block user

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Thank you very much Mr. Tommy.

I don't want to get spammed by someone else. I think we need a Blacklist features, where we can ignore The people who spamming us.

But for now, we can screenshot and report to our staff before the features added.

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We used to have the option to report a message/message sender in the previous theme. It is a surprise that the option has been terminated in the new theme.

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