New to seoclerks, Mistakes

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New to seoclerks, Mistakes

I started with seoclerks this week. I bought $5 links from 4 sellers. 2 of the sellers made spun pages, one had sex words on the pages and the other had only a hyper link on each page. 10 of the 50 pages semrhsh ranked as a zero for Trust Score. Did  buy black hat hurt my competitor links for myself? How do I ask or convey what want for next orders. I think I would ask for non spun content, no sexual words on pages, no zero Trust Score pages. I will have to disavow 50% to 75% of these pages. How do I get quality work without being overcharged. Rich


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Hey Rich,

The problem with this is that...

How do I get quality work without being overcharged?
You always get what you paid for and that's is very true when it comes to backlinks and SEO. I couldn't tell you how many times I've quoted a potential client $1,500+ a month for SEO services and they say "I can outsource this for $10 and get the same thing" and then they're coming back and paying me more than I quoted because the $10 service they purchased hurt their site and rankings.

I'm not saying that cheap services are bad, I'm saying you need to learn to filter them a bit more, and you will find some really nice people selling services at a discounted rate that will boost your rankings exponentially New to seoclerks, Mistakes I always tell new sellers to offer their services for cheap so they can get a flood of traffic and sales, which turn into reviews, then they can boost their overall sales while increasing their prices gradually. Finding these types of sellers is a difficult thing to do, but it can be done, you just have to be picky about who you buy from.

What I like to do is contact the seller prior to purchasing and see how long it takes them to respond. If they take a few days to respond, and they only respond with a few words, I'll usually avoid them because a good seller will respond and answer all of my questions as well as answer additional questions that may pop up in the future. If you contact the seller prior to purchase you can get all your questions asked, get a better understanding of what the service will look like when finished, and have a better case on your hands if they don't deliver what was promised.

The services you purchased sound like they were done using software to spin articles and place them wherever they could. This will never help your SEO and you may have a loss on your hands. I would disavow all of the links because the work was shotty from the start. You might even be able to reject the order completely, get your money back, and purchase something that will help you out better in the long run. Take your refunds and purchase something more expensive even if it has fewer links, just be sure the links getting placed are better than what you previously purchased so you get the biggest benefit within the SERPs.


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