My order did not increase anyviews!

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My order did not increase anyviews!

Please help me
I made an order, however
My order did not increase anyviews!
So, what I can do now?


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order my service.i will give you views.

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Hi there,

I'm a little confused about your discussion.

You purchased something and your views haven't increased?
I assume this would mean you've purchased a traffic package of some sort.

- or -

You created a service and you haven't gotten any views?

Meaning you haven't gotten any views, or sales, through a service you created here, but it doesn't seem like you have any services listed so I will assume it's my first point.

Purchased a traffic service and haven't gotten any views
What you should do is remind the freelancer you've purchased from that your order is in progress and you're wondering when the traffic will start to come in. Sometimes a freelancer will get a bunch of orders, check all of them, and miss a few when they start to do the work. This is normal human error and should be forgiven unless the seller is blatantly ignoring you and is trying to take your money and run. The good thing about this, if they're just trying to take your money, is that you need to approve the finalized service before they get access to the funds. Never accept an order as completed if you aren't happy with it.

Be polite - Never start a conversation with "Why haven't you started my order!" or something similar to that, because it will never end well and the service provider may do a bad job since they feel you're not their best client. Yes, this happens and it shouldn't, but that is why you should be polite from the start and never assume anything My order did not increase anyviews!

Ask questions - You need to ask them simple questions like "When do you think you will be able to start my order?" or "How long do you think it will be until the order is finished?" because this will show you're an active member, on top of your orders, and the seller will likely get your work done on time if they know they'll get paid immediately after it's finished.

Give time extensions - If a seller asks for a time extension, let them have it, because you never know what they're dealing with in their personal life. They could be dealing with a loss in their family, they could be sick, or they could have had a vacation planned the day you ordered from them. I always give time extensions if the seller needs it because I know the work will get finished eventually. If you're ordering an SEO service and need it done immediately, you probably don't realize that SEO takes months to take effect, and that means your order that will be 2 days late is not going to matter month in the overall plans for your website.

If you truly believe the service provider you've purchased from is not doing the work, or they're giving you the run around, you can then ask for a mutual cancellation and get the money put back into your account here. You can ask for a mutual cancellation, but the service provider can deny it, and that's when you would want to open up a support ticket to get everything resolved. When I try to do a mutual cancellation I will always try 2-3 times if the service provider keeps rejecting it. If they reject it the first time without an explanation, I will ask for a mutual cancellation a second time, and if they deny it without responding I will go to cancel a third time and open a support ticket so the staff and administrators can take over and see that I haven't gotten my order and the seller is prolonging the process too much.

There are a lot of things you can do but I urge you to stay positive and try working with the seller. If the seller really didn't provide a service that they claimed they would perform, you can mutually cancel it or bring in the big guns and have the staff and admins work it out for you My order did not increase anyviews!



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Try some alternative promotion to get views from your order.Use social traffic related to your service or else purchase some boost service in order to feature your service.

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I assume your order is complete already. If not, you will need to give it time.

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