Why you should never rely on a single traffic source for all your sales

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Why you should never rely on a single traffic source for all your sales

It's funny to me that people have heard, "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket," yet they rely heavily on Adwords or some other form of PPC traffic to run their business.  You should never rely on a single source of traffic because you could see your funds dry up if that source goes bad.  I should know, I relied heavily on Adwords when I started my online journey, and reality struck hard when my account was suspended lol.

A single source of traffic is no way to run a business anyway, you need to diversify your traffic streams, and this means you need to run PPC campaigns as well as be on social media platforms and boost your SEO along the way.  In this discussion, if you haven't guessed, I'll be going over a few reasons why you should never rely on a single source of traffic.

You could get banned
Like I mentioned above, I was relying on my Adwords traffic too much, and when I was suspended, I didn't have many visitors coming to my site.  Luckily, I was an SEO website and knew what I was doing, so I had the groundwork for a great campaign in place, but as you probably know, SEO takes a while, and that means my traffic didn't bounce back right away.

If you're relying on a 3rd party to generate your traffic, they have all the power, and they can ban your account for any reason.  This is why you should never rely on them, but you should supplement your overall traffic generation with PPC ads.

Your traffic could dry up
One day you could be getting a lot of traffic from an ad you have on a 3rd party website through BuySellAds, and the next day, you could be getting one visitor a day.  The search engines are brutal when it comes to algorithm updates, and you need to be aware that the sites you're advertising on will also take a hit if they're caught doing something the Google Gods don't approve of.

I've had plenty of ads, guest posts, lead sites, etc. stop sending traffic to my main sites due to them drying up or getting a penalty.  It's not the end of the world, but it's never something you want to see, so be sure you're monitoring your incoming traffic from any 3rd party website and know what's happening. 

Not everyone is on a single platform
A lot of people will focus all of their advertising and marketing tactics on a single platform like Facebook or Twitter, but that's not going to bring home the bacon.  What happens if your Facebook traffic streams dry up for a month or two?  Are you going to go out of business, or can you rely on your other traffic streams from Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.?

People always think "Facebook is huge, I can advertise there and bring in all my customers!" but what they are forgetting is that not everyone is active on Facebook.  Sure, they could have accounts there, but it doesn't mean they're logging in daily and checking their updates.  Younger kids tend to be on Instagram and Twitter, while older people are on Facebook and Pinterest.  Know your audience and target them where they're at instead of hoping they come to the place you're advertising.

You catch more fish with more lines in the water
Think about it, if you were to go fishing and throw ten baits into the water, you're more likely to catch a fish, but if you have a single line in the water, there's less of a chance.  Now think of how this works with your website and how traffic enters your pages.  You could have ten different traffic streams bringing people to your website and boosting your chances of snagging a trophy, or you could have one traffic source and limit your chances.

Final Thoughts,
You should always diversify your traffic streams and never rely on a single source of leads.  When I started 16 years ago, I made the mistake of putting all my time into Adwords and not focusing too much on the other platforms to bring in sales.  When my account was banned, I was at a loss for words; then, I had to step up my game and power through my SEO campaigns and SMM campaigns to get back my profits.  Having multiple traffic streams will always be better than a single source, and I hope you listen to my words in this discussion when I say "You can't put all your eggs in one basket" Why you should never rely on a single traffic source for all your sales

Thanks for reading Why you should never rely on a single traffic source for all your sales

Tommy Carey


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Really good article. Some people want instant success. But they need to realize that SEO doesn't work this way.

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Another problem is that people focus so much on SEO and Marketing that they don't realize their products or services aren't anywhere near as great as their competitors. I've had clients complain to me when I tell them to drop their pricing my $5 if they want to make 3x as many sales. They think "If I drop my service $5 then I'll make less money!" but in reality, they'll make much more due to the additional sales coming in.

People rely on SEO too much when they need a boost in sales, but that's not how it works, and they'll had to have been doing SEO for months prior to that time they wanted a boost in profits. Some people don't realize how difficult it is, some people don't care, but they all worry when they're not ranked within a week after paying an SEO specialist lol.

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