SEO 101: Never expect too much too soon, or you'll get disappointed

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SEO 101: Never expect too much too soon, or you'll get disappointed

Everyone needs to do SEO for their website, but most of us expect to rank much quicker than it actually happens.  Sure, it would be nice to rank within a week for competitive keywords and get a lot of traffic, but it doesn't happen like that, and you should be happy that you're climbing slowly lol.

Google evaluates websites over months or years, and that means you should focus on your SEO but not worry so much about how quickly you're getting to the top placements within the search results for your keywords.  Yes, it's awesome when you land in that #1 spot and get a lot of traffic, but you should never focus too much on this because it can drive you mad.  Trust me; I used to watch my rankings like a hawk each day to see what they were doing lol.

SEO takes a long time to take root
Like I mentioned above, it takes plenty of time to rank a website, and you shouldn't get disappointed if you landed on page 2 when you were on page 10.  You're progressing nicely and you will continue to increase your rankings if you keep doing what you're doing. 

Don't ramp up your campaigns in hopes of ranking quicker because you could harm your website's rankings because you're too ambitious.  Instead, throttle back a little bit and see what happens.  Do your rankings continue to go up, do they stall, or do they drop drastically? 

No matter what, keep up the good work and never get angry at yourself if you make a big jump but don't land on page one SEO 101: Never expect too much too soon, or you

Quality SEO is always better than Quick SEO
I've turned away plenty of potential clients because they wanted to pay me my normal price but get rankings within a month.  I knew I could get them top rankings, but I also knew it wouldn't last because it was pretty much guaranteed that they would get a penalty and drop to page 10+ lol.

Quality work takes time, and that's no different for SEO.  You need to put in the time to get top rankings, and you'll never beat your competitors who are focusing on high quality links when you're buying 100 profile backlinks for $1 lol.  Instead, invest some real money into an SEO campaign and hire a top freelancer here to do the work for you.  If you want to make money, you need to spend money, and that goes double for the online marketing industry.  You'll never outrank your aged competitors if you don't know what you're doing and aren't spending money to hire people who do.

There is always a competitor fighting for the top spot
You're always going to compete for the top spots within the search engines.  You could be going up against large corporations with full SEO teams, or you could be fighting for a local keyword against a small business in the area who's owner understands the basics of SEO. 

No matter who your competitors are, you need to keep doing quality work and watch your rankings gradually go up.  If you slow down, the competitors will outrank you, and we don't want that happening SEO 101: Never expect too much too soon, or you

SEO is never done
New business and website owners that start reading about SEO usually think they can do a single campaign, get top rankings, and be done with it.  That would be amazing, but it's not true, and that's because the search engines want to show only relevant listings to their visitors, and that means your SEO job is never done.

Keep building high quality niche relevant links and stay on top of the rankings for months or years.  Sure, you could build 10x as many quality links and stick on top of the rankings for a while, but if there's a hungry competitor aiming for that top spot, they will knock you off of it if you're not continuously building links and adding content to your website.

Final thoughts,
SEO is a powerful thing when it comes to pulling in traffic.  You can rank on page two and get a trickle, or you can be #1 on page one and get a flood of visitors.  You can never stop doing SEO as long as you want to stay on top of the rankings, and that means you might want to hire an experienced freelancer from here who can do amazing work for you.  Remember, quality SEO will always beat out quick SEO SEO 101: Never expect too much too soon, or you

Thanks for reading SEO 101: Never expect too much too soon, or you

Tommy Carey


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We do completely agree with all the points that you made here. Especially, when you mentioned that those 100 profile backlinks for $1 are not going to get a website too far. It is a pity to see so many buyers falling for low quality services everywhere just because they promise a large amount of backlinks for a couple of dollars.

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Yeah, it's unfortunate that a lot of people still buy those types of links for their money sites. I mean, these types of links still work, but you should be using them in a different way to boost your rankings, and never aime them at your homepages.

I like buying smaller packages, high quality small packages, to aim at my buffer sites and guest posts. I'll do this to give them a slight boost and not hurt my own website if something bad does happen. You need to keep your own pages as safe as possible in todays SEO world SEO 101: Never expect too much too soon, or you I will never buy a 1,000+ backlink package for $1 and aim it at anything related to my website, not even a guest post because it won't do anyone any good.

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