Traffic Lifecycle - How long can you keep a visitor coming back to your website?

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Traffic Lifecycle - How long can you keep a visitor coming back to your website?

Whenever a website goes live, there is always a traffic lifecycle for each person that comes to your pages.  It doesn't matter how they got there or when they left; there are always a few chances to bring them back before they turn into a customer or someone that will never purchase from you. 

Many times over the years, I've talked to business owners about how much they're investing in PPC and remarketing campaigns, as well as sending out newsletters or even capturing emails in the first place.  Some of the answers I get are pretty common like "Yup, been doing that for years!" and others stop me in my tracks like "I've never heard of those methods" and I start to think "How are these guys profitable!?!?!".  It doesn't matter how old your website is, how established it is, or how much you're spending no your traffic each month but what does matter is your traffic lifecycle.

Run PPC ads to get the Initial Visit
A lot of times I will tell startups to work on their SEO and not worry about PPC ads right away because they could drain your funding quicker than you could profit if you don't know what you're doing.  With this method, you're going to run PPC ads and nurture each click in order to keep them coming back.  Your $0.25 click will turn into a $0.05 click because of how often you'll be able to bring them back to your website for free or for a few pennies.

Running PPC campaigns, in the beginning, needs to be super targeted.  You can't target broad keywords or phrases, you need to target exact match keywords, and this will ensure you're pulling in a lot of high quality traffic that can turn into an amazing lead today or tomorrow.

Display Email Capture Forms in Obvious Places
One thing you need to do before you set up any advertising is to make sure you have an email capture form on your website in order to get visitors to sign up.  It doesn't matter how you get them to sign up as long as they're entering their names and emails address.  You can collect phone numbers too if you plan to use an SMS system to send out texts or give them a personal call after they sign up, but not most of us do that so stick with email and names for now lol.

Run Scheduled Onboarding Emails and Newsletters
Onboarding emails are essentially welcome emails that help people understand your business and how to navigate around your pages easier.  You don't want to get too pitchy in these emails because people will unsubscribe relatively quickly if they think you're just trying to sell them a bunch of stuff without actually helping them.

Since you've collected their names in the email capture form, you can now customize the emails and newsletters going out so they have a bit more customization for each person.  Remember, people want to see you say their names because it shows you did a little bit of research.  It doesn't matter if you have a {firstname} field in your newsletters that inputs the users' name, they won't know that, but it will help you build a relationship with them over time Traffic Lifecycle - How long can you keep a visitor coming back to your website?

Retarget All of Your Visitors
Setting up a retargeting script isn't difficult, you just use a Facebook Pixel or Googles version of the retargeting script and add it to the pages of your website.  After you add it to your pages, you will now be able to target anyone that has landed on your site and put special ads in front of them wherever they go online.  It doesn't matter if they click on your Adwords ad and go to Facebook, you can put ads in front of them and likely get them to click and come back.  Some people think that retargeting is wasted money because the person didn't want to buy the first time so, why would they purchase a second or third time?  Well, think about how email marketing works and how often you have to send out newsletters before you get an open or a click.  It takes on average 6 emails to get someone to turn into a paying customer and the same thing goes with retargeting.  The more you can get them to click through to your website the better your chances are at getting them to sign up or purchase a product from you Traffic Lifecycle - How long can you keep a visitor coming back to your website?

Final Thoughts
The lifecycle of your traffic goes from the initial visit, entering their names and emails to your forms, getting newsletters to bring them back, and seeing your ads on social media accounts as well as across the internet.  You will instantly turn into a recognizable brand to them and keep them coming back time and time again.  Don't worry if they haven't purchased on their second or even fifth visit, they keep coming back and that means they're interested Traffic Lifecycle - How long can you keep a visitor coming back to your website?

Thanks for reading Traffic Lifecycle - How long can you keep a visitor coming back to your website?

- Tommy


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