Resume services. Thoughts?

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Resume services. Thoughts?

Hey, guys. What do you think about resume writing services? Do they really help to make a good resume. And does it increase the likelihood of finding a high-paying job or is it a waste of money? What do you think?


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Its a good idea to have Resume Jobs.
But still, you need a Customer, so Low price high-Quality Services Really help you get the Client.

Some of the People may ask for Resume Write, You can Prove it with High-Quality Resumes and Low Prices.
After that, You get enough client, then you can increase your prices

Thank You
Yours Sincerely, Rehiga

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A resume writing service is only as good as the writer doing the work. They could, of course, be using a 3rd party system that has plenty of templates and suggestions, but even then it relies on the thought process of the writer, so I'd contact anyone that might be selling this type of service prior to making a purchase.

Figure out if they're native language is the same as yours, see what their turn around time is, ask for previous examples, etc. Do all the basic due-diligence you can before you make a purchase because it's easier to ask a few questions and find the right seller than to avoid asking questions and dealing with someone that doesn't know what they're doing lol.

As for getting a better job due to your resume being written by a professional...

It definitely helps!!!

I hadn't used my resume for years until I had a job opportunity come across my desk that was paying more than my own SEO company was making in a year. I dusted off my resume, looked it over, and realized it needed some tender loving care before submitting it to the job I was looking to be hired for. I took a couple of days to go over my resume, had some people look it over and give me some edit suggestions, then I sent it into the hiring manager for the position I was aiming for. The resume I sent in was flawless, had plenty of information on there that fit the position, but wasn't too overbearing and bogged down with little details that no one cared about. Sadly, I did not get the job because there was a former employee who re-applied and was selected over me. I asked the hiring manager if there was anything I could have changed with my resume and interview and she said "Nope, everything was perfect! You were the runner up out of 150 applicants and the only reason we hired someone else is that they were a former employee and already knew the framework and processes we use". It was a total bummer that I could have had an amazing job doing about 20% of the daily work that I normally do and make even more money, but it was a learning experience and I'm glad I went through it.

I'm sure if my resume wasn't tweaked to perfection that I wouldn't have made it past many of the people who applied. I would have won the postion if a former employee hadn't applied for the same position :'(

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Thanks for your advice, friends. I've never used resume writing services either, but now I've decided to give it a try. I chose this service - . Following your recommendations, I checked the reviews about the service, whether the language I need is native to them and so on. I was told the resume would be ready in three days. It is very interesting to see what it will be like.
If someone already has experience with such services-please share.

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