Have you discovered the Infographic Resume yet? Could this be the next big thing?

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Have you discovered the Infographic Resume yet? Could this be the next big thing?

In my recent community discussion on the top 5 free infographic creation sites, I mentioned about the current trending #infographicresume.

Or Infographic résumé depending on how you say it, or which language you use to describe it. The résumé or curriculum vitae (CV) has always been useful in getting a job! Employers can see what your skills, qualifications or work experience are. But up to now, CV's and resumes have usually been pretty boring to look at! Sure some of them can tick all the right boxes and help you to really sell yourself. But it seems these old style resumes & CV's could be a thing of the past.

The latest trending type of resume are not white paper reports but are Infographics. Infographic resumes are much more visually pleasing to look at and can be much more effective. The first infographic resume was created by Zhi Liang and it got him the job! The employer was so impressed by the initiative but he did have the skills to boot.

Zhi Liang's infographic resume displaying his education and experience and skills with those with the most pencils he is the strongest in. Including his likes and contact details all on one page. It's basic, but it works!
Have you discovered the Infographic Resume yet? Could this be the next big thing?

Why Freelancers should have an infographic resume

Résumés are used for much more than for showing to an employer to get a job with! They can be used like you'd use business cards, leaflets or flyers for example. But they can be used to help you attract and get more new clients, sales and revenue. By listing out all your skills, experience, credentials and contact details of course! All in a very easy visually pleasing and enjoyable way that people will remember! Make sure to add your contact details, website, social media or #hashtags relevant to you. You can place these everywhere and use them in your promotional marketing campaigns. Post to your site and social media sites and anywhere else where you promote on.

So considering this, and that they're easy to create. And that you probably have a lot of skills and experience and likes you can put on it, you should probably make one!?

How to create an infographic resume?

You don't need to be a professional with a lot of image editing skills and talents.
You don't have to purchase any expensive software and learn it before you can use it.
You can use one of the free infographic creation sites to create one for free.

Of the top 5 infographic creation sites reviewed, is the first of its kind free online infographic generator sites which will enable you to create an infographic resume in just a few clicks. You can even import your data from LinkedIn too which is helpful to auto populating some of the templates it provides you with.

Literally lets you visualize yourself, visually! is still in BETA though. There's not many themes and styles to choose from right now but they're very active and updates would probably be coming as this is a very new thing that could take off in a very big way.

Are Infographic Resumes the Future?

What do you think about the infographic resume? Do you think it could replace the standard white paper CV from days past? Do you think that employers would understand it?

I personally think that it would be good to provide one along with your CV as well. Considering you can print it out on an A4 sized page and include it on the back of your CV as well. Or just give the employer the infographic resume only!

I also think that the infographic resume will go on to completely replace the old traditional format of resume. Especially since they can be emailed to employers or printed out and included with a white paper resume anyway.

Or are you an employer and have you received an infographic CV from a candidate you interviewed or are interviewing? Or as an employer, what would you rather like to receive the traditional white paper resume or an colourful infographic resume?



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Here's a Google Trends report showing a massive growth spike in the last few years for infographic resume.
Have you discovered the Infographic Resume yet? Could this be the next big thing?
And Google Keyword planner shows low competition with fairly big search volume.
Have you discovered the Infographic Resume yet? Could this be the next big thing?
What does this tell you? Does this give you any ideas?

Oh I already tried and it's already taken before you try ha! But I see a lot of potential here to fill a gapping hole in the market. I see a few problems and a the solutions to them too. So there could be something else you could make that was very brandable. Be it infographic resume creation for job hunters or freelancers.

You could create an infographic resume from someone's current CV quite easily. You could probably build that into a site the same sort of way that does. Or you could probably even just make them in other ways too via software or online even.

And for freelancers this could be particularly useful and effective. You can create a portfolio infographic showing all your skills and qualifications, contact details etc and give this to people online, email it or even print it out or fax it?

There are many opportunities to infographics and the sharp are making use of them in good ways!

The question is, are you? Have you discovered the Infographic Resume yet? Could this be the next big thing?

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Hahaha Mike, I was reading your post and thought hey what about a domain name.... and then I saw you have already checked it and it is gone!

I've never used an Infographic Resume but it looks lovely. I would certainly be interested in making one up for myself. I'll ask my husband if he has received any before. He is an HR Manager so he hires and fires for a large firm.

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This is a nice concept. Heard it for the first time about infographic resume. Liked the tutorial here and also the video part. Thanks for sharing.

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I think that is actually a great idea. I hate the way CVs look. They have that professional but boring look which ends up making a candidate look boring too I guess. If I were an employer i would certainly give extra points to an applicant who took the time to create an infographic resume because he is showing that he is different and special, as well as very creative. Thanks for sharing this as I had never heard of it before, nor given it any thought. It is a practical concept which is even more ideal for vacancies related to the IT sector.

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Agreed Elite! CV's are so 1980's! They've been used since the 14th century in fact. CV (Curriculum vitae) is French for "the course of my life". In fact it was Leonardo Da Vinci that was credited for writing the first CV when in 1482, Da Vinci listed his capabilities and skills down on paper, to send off to a potential employer, the Duke of Milan!

So the traditional CV has been used for centuries. It's only really been in the last 50 years though they have improved upon and it's made them what they are today. Professional looking resumes with your life skills etc.

But times change! And people learn to roll with those changes. Eventually I see more employers becoming aware of infographic resumes and CV's and actually preferring them to standard white paper resumes and CV's.

Especially of course, those in the IT sector who are the most IT savvy people. Yes, I see the future of all CVs and resumes being infographic based with the white paper version a mere fallback.

On your next job application, be different! Be unique! Be controversial!

Create an infographic resume instead.

It might just help you get the job!

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This reminds me of the olden days that the CV or resume of a person is just text. When the digital technology came along, the CV had included a photo of the person. And now this infographic resume is another innovation. Maybe this type of resume will be popular in the online world but not in the offline business world yet because it always depends on the Human Resources people for the standards of the documents.

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