Starting Multiple SaaS Websites vs. A One-Stop-Shop SaaS Site

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Starting Multiple SaaS Websites vs. A One-Stop-Shop SaaS Site

When you want to set up a service and sell it as a monthly subscription, that's a SaaS website and you've just started your journey towards riches!  Really though, you're fighting an uphill battle and you may be tempted to target different niches or target other types of services within your same niche.  It's never easy launching a SaaS website, let alone multiple ones, so I hope this discussion helps you out when you decide to expand your portfolio or make a single website better than it previously was Starting Multiple SaaS Websites vs. A One-Stop-Shop SaaS Site

Many people want to make money online but never know where to start.  Some people begin blogging, some start dropshipping, and a few pioneers in their niche will start a SaaS website that allows them to fill a void in their niche and potentially make a good amount of money.  The only problem with this is that when starting out you likely won't have the resources to start a website like this, so I hope you find the best programmers here to create your idea and evolve it Starting Multiple SaaS Websites vs. A One-Stop-Shop SaaS Site

Now then, when you have your SaaS website up and running and it's generating a healthy profit, do you expand on that same idea and offer your customers even more of do you start a new SaaS website and broaden your portfolio?

Multi-Site and One-Stop-Shops Both Have Their Benefits
Both approaches to making more money with your SaaS company have their benefits.  A single service website with all the bells and whistles will attract a lot of users but you may have to increase your pricing over time due to all the hard work you've put into the additional services you're providing.  A multi-site SaaS company will be able to expand their net and pull in a wider range of clientele but they will sign up for a single service, maybe two of them, and they will likely leave the rest of your membership sites alone if they don't need them.

Multi-Sites Tend to Merge Into One-Stop-Shops
Over the years I've been watching a lot of marketplaces and SaaS companies merge into a single website because it's easier to manage and bringing all those users together is beneficial for everyone.  There have been some multi-site SaaS companies that design an entirely new website that contains all of the multi-site services and then push their clients to it without making them renew their subscriptions.  This is a way to offer them all the services you have in your toolkit, but it could cause problems when you have 20% of your customers subscribed to 2 or more of your services already. 

One-Stop-Shops Cost More, But Offer More
If you think about it, a one-stop-shop for a web-based software as a service will always cost more due to all the man hours that were put into coding it.  You won't find something with 20+ features for $7 a month because it took the programmers hundreds or thousands of hours each to do the work that you love to use every day. 

The problem with single SaaS sites is that they become out of reach for a lot of the lower-income entrepreneurs who have to manage their money very strictly and can't afford $100+ a month for web-based software that may or may not help them out.  They will see that investing their money into something else is more beneficial than risking it with you and that's one of the main reasons people sometimes stick with multi-site setups.

Multi-Shops can target more keywords
One of the biggest benefits of a multi-site setup is that you can target many more keywords with individual websites and pull in much more traffic if you do your SEO correctly.  Think about it, you could have 5 websites all ranking for similar keywords and pulling in all the traffic from the top five listings on Google.  You could also have one website pulling in traffic from one of the top listings in Google and making you good money, but only if it's stuck at #1 in the SERPs and you don't have much competition.

Final Thoughts
Starting a SaaS company isn't anything a novice should start out with.  Get your feet wet with providing your own services, writing for a blog, building your own websites, and then maybe working on your first SaaS website and see how it goes.  You'll likely start with a single site and move onto multiple sites but be sure you can thread them together or merge them later on if you want to offer your clients the most for their money Starting Multiple SaaS Websites vs. A One-Stop-Shop SaaS Site  If you can do that you will have a smash hit on your hands and I'm sure investors will come knocking at your door Starting Multiple SaaS Websites vs. A One-Stop-Shop SaaS Site

Thanks for reading Starting Multiple SaaS Websites vs. A One-Stop-Shop SaaS Site

- Tommy


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