Affiliate Marketing - Offer Free Consulting to Your Referrals

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Affiliate Marketing - Offer Free Consulting to Your Referrals

I've recently started pushing my affiliate programs a lot more and noticed that if I offer some free consulting I tend to get more sign-ups.  Offering free consulting is like holding someone's hand throughout the entire process and helping them become more successful with whatever it is they're doing, all while they purchase through your affiliate links lol.

Most people who are into affiliate marketing will spam their links wherever they can and that's what gives it a bad name at times.  If you do your marketing in a legitimate way, and post links where people are looking for a service or product, you will notice your profits starting to increase gradually.  Now, if you're in a service-based industry and you're pushing affiliate links, you will likely have a tough sell on your hand unless you coach people through everything, and that's why I started giving out free consulting to anyone that purchases through my links lol Affiliate Marketing - Offer Free Consulting to Your Referrals

You can't offer incentives, but you can consult them!
In almost every affiliate marketing TOS page it will say you can't offer any sort of incentive but offering FREE consulting to walk people through a service or software isn't any sort of incentive that breaks an affiliate TOS. 

Offering them a coupon or giving them something for free like a script, list, or product add-on to urge them to purchase would be against the TOS but offering them guidance on how to use something is perfectly fine.  Of course, you'll want to talk with the owners of the products, software, or services prior to offering free consulting so you're sure it's not against their TOS, but a majority of them won't care.

Free consulting will ease their minds prior to purchasing
When you give a client free consulting they will be more at ease because they have a sort of mentor with them along the way.  They won't have to learn new things on their own and possibly make mistakes because you're there to tell them the ways of the force. 

You can search through your referrals, see who's purchased, and when they're talking to you they can ask any questions they want and you will be there to help them out.  You can offer free help to people who haven't purchased yet because this will help increase your sales overall and that's never a bad thing Affiliate Marketing - Offer Free Consulting to Your Referrals

Build an email list while consulting
One of the best things I've noticed happens with my affiliate marketing and consulting is the emails I send out tend to get a decent amount of engagement.  I would say they get roughly 25% more engagement than any other email or newsletter I send out for my other websites and that's a good return rate. 

I can send out a newsletter to 500 people signed up for my newsletter and get 50 people opening it and clicking links.  I can then send out my newsletter to 500 people I'm offering free consulting and get 100 opens and clicks on a good day.  The number of people hanging on my words and loving my consulting are clicking through and reading what I have to say and they click the links I put in the emails, which make me extra commissions if they're affiliate links Affiliate Marketing - Offer Free Consulting to Your Referrals

Final Thoughts,
Making money as an affiliate is good, making money as a consultant is great (but difficult), but if you pair the two together you have something truly powerful that helps your referrals, the businesses you're an affiliate for, and puts plenty of money in your account over time Affiliate Marketing - Offer Free Consulting to Your Referrals  If you haven't tried any of this then I highly suggest you look into it because everyone out there needs help with websites and why shouldn't you get paid a few bucks to lead them on their journey Affiliate Marketing - Offer Free Consulting to Your Referrals

Thanks for reading Affiliate Marketing - Offer Free Consulting to Your Referrals

- Tommy


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