How to be Successful with a Dropshipping Business

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How to be Successful with a Dropshipping Business

Many people are searching for successful ways to make money online with little investment and one of the big methods is to start your own dropshipping business.  This is where you set up an eCommerce website loaded with products and you have no inventory of your own.  Once you make a sale you will then purchase it from the manufacturer and they will ship the product to your customer under your name.  Your customer will never know that you're a dropshipping business and they will come back time and time again if your website is worthwhile.

Many people fail when it comes to dropshipping because they think it's a point and click system that requires no work other than buying a domain and setting up a hosting account.  If you're one of those people, this discussion is something you should read through, because it will help you out a lot more than you know How to be Successful with a Dropshipping Business

Focus on Product Descriptions
When you upload a product from the manufacturers' website you might be enticed to use their titles and descriptions, but you shouldn't.  In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we say that Content is King and this also means you need to have custom titles and descriptions even if the product is the exact same on 100 different websites.

Having custom titles and descriptions for your products will differentiate you from the pack and not only will you be seen as an individual in your customers' eyes but Google will likely rank you better than the other dropshipping sites not putting in the effort to use custom product content.

Top-Notch Customer Service
You MUST have outstanding customer service if you're selling to people all over the world.  You need to respond quickly, be professional, and make sure you can answer every question they throw at you.  If you can't do this, you likely will lose a lot of sales, so I would suggest you check out and get that added to your website right away How to be Successful with a Dropshipping Business

People want to talk to customer service or a sales rep prior to purchasing just to make sure if there is anyone on the other side of the order.  They want to build a relationship with you and that happens when you can talk via chat, email, or on a social platform.

Discount Big Items and Advertise Them
One thing I've noticed working well is listing a large item on your website, something more expensive than the rest of the products, and discounting it heavily to create some buzz.  You will need to create custom images, make sure people know how much they'll be saving, and use this as a sort of loss-leader to get people into your store.

After you set this up you will want to create some Facebook ads and use visuals that will attract people.  Someone was selling a bed for $5,000 but marked it at 75% off, which created a ton of buzz, and their ad was shared over 1,000 times while people were tagging their friends at the same time.  They were selling the bed for $1,500 and telling people it retailed for $5,000 but they were able to purchase it from the manufacturer and ship it to the customer for around $900 lol.  Even with the heavy discount, they were making a whopping $600 per order because of this little tactic!  This wasn't their loss-leader, but it gives you a tricky idea of how to create some additional buzz about your dropshipping business, so I would try that out if I were you How to be Successful with a Dropshipping Business

Build Your Email List
One of the biggest things that will make you more successful the longer you're in business is creating and using an email list to bring people back in for additional purchases.  You can send out newsletters, send out coupons, send out happy birthday emails, etc. and bring people back into your website where they will hopefully make a purchase.  The majority of people signing up to your newsletter won't be customers, but they'll be waiting for your emails, and they will likely convert later on down the road.  Remember, it takes on average 6 emails to convert someone into a buyer, so keep up the good work and send out those newsletters How to be Successful with a Dropshipping Business

Final Thoughts
Dropshipping websites seem easy to run if you've never operated one but they do take a bit of upfront work in order to get them ready for the general public.  You need to add massive amounts of content in the form of custom titles, custom descriptions, and custom blog posts that will help you bring in traffic later on.  You will also need to have discounted items to entice people to your site as well as build your email list to bring back the tire kickers who didn't purchase on their first visit.  If you can keep your website alive and healthy, you can keep the sales coming in, and you might make a single dropshipping site successful enough to quit your 9-5 job How to be Successful with a Dropshipping Business

Thanks for reading How to be Successful with a Dropshipping Business

- Tommy


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