6 Reasons you Might be Failing as a Digital Marketer.

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6 Reasons you Might be Failing as a Digital Marketer.

No digital marketer ever wants to fail, but it does happen, and it's likely because of something simple that could have easily been avoided.  A lot of people think they're going to start a website, make a ton of money, and sell the site for another boat full of cash but in the end, they end up selling nothing and it's likely because their game plan was flawed from day one. 

You can't get into digital marketing and think you're the best in the world, because you're not, and there are people out there that have been working 20+ years at this who can do much more than you and are a lot less successful than they think they would have been.  I like to think I'm successful online, but that's only because I can pay my bills and work full time as long as I have an internet connection, but I'm nowhere near as successful as I had wished to be when I started out.  I'll get there eventually but for now, I'll keep avoiding all the things I'm about to talk about in this discussion lol 6 Reasons you Might be Failing as a Digital Marketer.

Your Navigation is Confusing
No one wants to land on a website and be confused as soon as the page loads.  This isn't good for business and it will make you fail 9/10 if your navigation, page structures, or content is confusing.  You will want to take your time and simplify everything as much as possible so people have fewer options to choose from but will still be able to navigate to dozens of pages if needed.

This sounds confusing, but you can do this easily with drop-down menus if you have hundreds of categories, just don't get too crazy with it and scare people off lol.

Your "About Us" Page is Lacking
I can't tell you how many times I've landed on a website, checked their "About Us" page, and it's a few sentences talking about their launch.  I immediately close the website because I think "They can't put enough time into writing a few paragraphs so why would they put time into what I need from them?" and I'm sure there are dozens or hundreds of people who think the same way.

Write an "About Us" page that is engaging, has images, shows your past clients, and make it as awesome as possible.  Design something you would want to go back and read each week because it's done so well that it gives you chills and makes you want to keep pushing forward with whatever it is you're doing or selling.

You Don't Have an Email List
If you don't know the importance of an email list, you're already failing, and you should go sign up for MailChimp or ConstantContact right now lol.

Building your email list over time is one of the best ways to bring people back into your website and get additional sales.  You can send out newsletters, bring in 5% of your list, and turn 1% of that 5% into paying customers.  This won't seem like much, but if your list is 100,000 strong, then that 1% of the 5% is an additional 50 sales with each newsletter going out.  If you were to profit only $10 per sale, that's an extra $500 per newsletter going out, and I know that sounds like something you want to put in your bank account lol 6 Reasons you Might be Failing as a Digital Marketer.

You Aren't Retargeting Your Audience
Your audience consists of anyone who will subscribe to your newsletters, follow you on social media, or anyone organically finding your site and bookmarking it for later.  You need to get people to follow you in some way in order to get back in front of them as quickly as it takes to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or sending out an email.

You can build up all of your social media profiles, build your email lists, and keep the organic traffic coming in as long as possible but you'll need to retarget them as well if you want everything to tie in together. 

You can do simple retargeting wit a Facebook Pixel and Adwords script, because they're free, and you will be able to re-advertise to anyone that lands on your website.  This is a great way to get your ads in front of someone on Facebook if they found you through a Google search, and I know for a fact it works really well 6 Reasons you Might be Failing as a Digital Marketer.

You're Talking, Not Selling
I like to talk to my customers and I have become accustomed to selling at the same time.  This isn't something you'll master right away unless you've been in sales for a while, but it will come in time 6 Reasons you Might be Failing as a Digital Marketer.

Talking and not selling will please the person on the other end but you won't make any money after handing out loads of information.  Do you think consultants get paid pennies to hand over massive amounts of information?  They don't, and you shouldn't either, so know that your time is valuable and always sell while talking to someone.  You can't make it obvious, or you'll scare them away, so work on your subtle hints and watch the profits increase 6 Reasons you Might be Failing as a Digital Marketer.

You Rely on one Income Stream
One of the worst things you can do as a digital marketer is to rely on a single source of income.  I did this when I started out and it almost bankrupted me because when my adwords account was suspended I lost 95% of my traffic.  I was in shock, I didn't have traffic, and that means my sales were gone.  I couldn't keep my business afloat with the 5% that was coming in so I had to work on something new and get it done as quick as possible.

Fast forward to today and I have around 10 different sources of income that deal with dropshipping, affiliate marketing, SaaS sites, Reselling sites, and a few other things that are being built up over time.  I know how to market on social media, major PPC platforms, and anywhere I need to in order to stay successful as long as possible even if one or two of my websites get destroyed somehow lol.

Never put all of your eggs in one basket because it could kill your business if something were to happen to it 6 Reasons you Might be Failing as a Digital Marketer.

Final Thoughts
There are many more things that could kill your business, but these are the main six that hurt the majority of people, so be sure to not do them lol.  You need to keep selling, never rely on one source of income, and simply be a beast in the marketing department for various websites and blogs that you run in order to keep the traffic and sales flowing in.

Thanks for reading 6 Reasons you Might be Failing as a Digital Marketer.

- Tommy


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