Getting Orders Everyday On Seoclerk

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Getting Orders Everyday On Seoclerk

Is there a way by which I start getting at least a couple of orders every day, if yes, what should I do to achieve this...


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Hey there, Acumen!

I see you're already level 2, which will help you get more sales from day to day, but as you likely know already it is an uphill battle to get a full stream of sales to fill up your workweek.

You seem to be on the right track, but here are some suggestions that I know will help you out.

A list of what you're already doing, which will help:
1. Formatting your service descriptions well
You'd be amazed at how many people aren't doing this, but I looked over roughly 10 of your services and it looks like you've taken your time on them in order to keep people attention. So, good job on that Getting Orders Everyday On Seoclerk

2. Interlinking your services
From the services I look through, I saw that most of them were interlinked, but not all of them. Be sure to pick your top 5 services and link them at the bottom of all your service descriptions. Give quick snippets of what they are and how much they cost to entice people to click through.

What you could be doing to help boost your sales:
1. Use testimonials as social proof
This will almost always help boost your sales because you're showing potential buyers how many people already purchased and loved the results. You can use something like Gyazo or another screen capture service, or you can simply press CTRL+PRT SCR and then paste that into MS Paint and cut out the testimonials. You'll then upload or embed the tutorial images into your service description and show people right away that others have purchased and had a good experience. Sure, there are plenty of testimonials on your services, but they're below the service descriptions, and that means you might be losing sales when people aren't interested. Show the testimonials in the middle of your descriptions and it will keep people on board until they get all the way down the page Getting Orders Everyday On Seoclerk

2. Expand out of the LinkBuilding and Web2.0 categories
It looks like all of your services are listed within two specific categories. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's also not a good thing, and that's because you're limiting yourself to the potential traffic you could be getting to your services. If you were to spread your services across 4-5 categories, then interlink the top sellers, you'd pull in more traffic to each service than you already are. This will definitely help boost your sales Getting Orders Everyday On Seoclerk

3. Advertise your services
This is a paid option, but it tends to pay for itself within the first week if you've done everything right, and that's why I recommend trying it out. All you'd be doing is featuring your main service, the one that has the best sales, and get in stuck at the top of your specific category. I would suggest choosing a service you have listed in the "Link Building" category since that likely gets more traffic than the "Web 2.0" category. If you have your services interlinked, you have them formatted just right, and you have social proof in the form of reviews showing on your services, then I don't see why this wouldn't bring in daily sales Getting Orders Everyday On Seoclerk

You can always try to get a homepage feature, but those are much more expensive, so I suggest testing out the category feature first to see how things go. If you start to notice a spike in sales because of the featured position then a homepage feature may not be a bad thing to put a bid on in the future Getting Orders Everyday On Seoclerk

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Greetings of the Day TommyCarey! Thanks a lot for the detailed advice, I really appreciate it. I'll definitely try out all the things you have mentioned and hoping for the best.

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