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Anyone tell me, how to become a good affiliate in SEO clerk? 

Thank you


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Hey there,

If you're a member of this platform, you're already an affiliate, you don't need to apply to become one.

Here are some quick links for you.

Information about the affiliate program:

Page where you can see your affiliate statistics:

Page where you can find your affiliate banners:

The affiliate program here pays a 10% lifetime commission. This means if you get someone to sign up and they make a purchase today, tomorrow, or in 5 years you will still get a commission from each sale.

To become a good affiliate you will need to target people who likely own a website, someone who wants to own a website or someone who is an affiliate of another platform and needs SEO or Online Marketing services. Basically, anyone that is trying to make money online can benefit from this marketplace because they'll likely have their own website and need help with it HOW TO BECOME AN GOOD AFFILIATE

Facebook Methods
You can join groups and communities related to online marketing, website design, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc. and promote your affiliate links to anyone looking for a service. I've done this in the past to build up my referrals and it works pretty well. I did notice that you'll have a little more success if you use a custom affiliate URL to a service that someone is specifically asking for. This means if someone is asking for profile backlinks, you find the best service here offering profile backlinks and turn it into your affiliate URL, then share it with the person who is asking. The more you share, the more people will see your links, and the more clicks you could potentially get.

Your own website + Lead Generation
You can run your own SEO website and generate traffic to it through SEO and content writing. Get enough articles on your site and you will likely rank for a keyword or two over time which will bring in some traffic. The more organic traffic you get, the more likely you'll get a referral, and that means they will be earning you commissions whenever they make a purchase HOW TO BECOME AN GOOD AFFILIATE

Affiliate website
There are plenty of services here that offer affiliate site creation in which you provide your affiliate URL and the service provider will essentially clone this website on your own hosting. The trick is that every link to a service is your own affiliate link, which will get you a commission, so you can promote your website and pages instead of a specific affiliate link, and people will likely click on that more often.

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Thank for your valuable advice.

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First thing to do is to get your affiliate link within your reach and afterwards invite many people to join SEOCLERK through your affiliate link. It's as simple as that. Check out my services, thanks

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