Local SEO agencies can gain more leads than large national ones

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Local SEO agencies can gain more leads than large national ones

Every SEO agency out there has their ups and downs, but they don't have to if they targeted locally instead of focusing on national companies.  Sure, you'll make more money with a bigger account targeting customers nationwide, but it's a much tougher pitch and very difficult to get them onboard compared to local companies.  You could sign on 3-4 local companies and make just as much, or more, as a national company would pay you.

SEO agencies are starting to "Niche Down" and target local businesses because the work tends to be easier, the clients are more happy with the results, and everyone is making more money at the end of the month.  We got into SEO to make money and help website owners, but not many of us thought to only target mom and pop shops down the street to buy our next house lol.

People trust you more because you're local
Whenever I talk to a potential client across the country, they will always ask, "Where are you located?" because they want to know if they are talking to someone local or if I'm trying to go cross country and close a lead.  I always think they're asking because they think a local company is better to work with for higher results, which it isn't, but that's what goes through my head when they ask lol.

People in your area will trust you more if you're a local company, and you don't necessarily have to be in the same town, you just need to be close enough to give them some comfort that you're a "local SEO agency."

You can talk with your clients face to face
I've noticed it's much easier to close a deal when I can talk to a client face to face.  They seem to be more trusting of me, like me more and can put a face to the email or phone call coming in.  They are building a business relationship with me, and that's something I've always told people to work on if they want to be successful lol.

I've had clients say to me "I planned on signing up with your agency, I just wanted to make sure you were a real person and not someone overseas trying to impersonate a local company" lol Local SEO agencies can gain more leads than large national ones 

You can target dozens of cities near you
Remember when I said you don't have to be in the specific town you're targeting?  Well, you can be around 50 miles away to give someone some comfort in your services.  The closer you are the potential client, the easier it will be to comfort them that you're not going to take their money and run, but it's up to you to calm their nerves and get them to sign up Local SEO agencies can gain more leads than large national ones

I tend to target up to 25 miles away so I can drive to meet with a client at their office if needed, and it doesn't take all day to do so.  Driving 25 miles where I live can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on traffic, and if the client isn't paying me much, that is going to be a pain if they're 50 miles away lol.  Most people can drive 50 miles in about an hour, but I live by a major city, so the times vary drastically.

Final Thoughts
If you're running an SEO agency and targeting national or global clients, but not seeing a lot of them sign on, maybe you should try to target locally and see what happens.  You can sit down with potential clients, go over a game plan, and get them to sign up right there if you want them on a contract or get them to subscribe via PayPal.  Local businesses like working with local agencies in a way to build up the community, so work that into your pitch as well by giving them a sort of discount Local SEO agencies can gain more leads than large national ones

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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Once again you have excelled I read your updates each morning before I do anything always a sources of encouragement
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