Affiliate marketing through website contact form submissions

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Affiliate marketing through website contact form submissions

There are plenty of ways to push an affiliate link, but not many people are using contact form submissions to get those clicks to go through, and that's something I've been doing for a while now with some success.  It's not a difficult thing to do, you can do it manually or automate it, but in the end, you will still need to run it like a business and be as professional as possible.

Affiliate marketing isn't exactly the easiest thing to do when it comes to making money, but it's also not the most complicated thing, and that's why a lot of people tend to gravitate towards it when they try to make money online.  I've been doing affiliate marketing for a while, and I tend to have a pretty good grasp on how it works, no matter the platform, but contact form submissions seem to be trickier than normal even if the filled out form allows anyone to contact them.

Your offer has to be specific
You can't become an affiliate to a general brand and pitch it to website owners through their contact form; you need to get specific.  Do you see a website that looks like it was built in 1997 and needs an update?  Sign up for a web design service and pitch your affiliate URL to these types of websites.  You can do the same thing for PPC management, SEO, SEM, Hosting, etc. 

You're contacting someone through the form on their website, so make sure you're pitching them something that can help them with that website, and they will more than likely click through.  Get them to click through, and a cookie will be placed, remarketing will happen, and you have a better chance of getting the sale.

Pitch B2B services and software
Like I mentioned above, you need to pitch something specific, and that means you need to show them something that will help their business.  By pitching them another business that can help them with various things related to their website, you will intrigue them in a way that not many other posts can unless they're constantly targeted by affiliates looking to get them as a referral lol.

Do a deep dive into their website and figure out what they need help with.  Use popular programs like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and various others to see if they're lacking in the SEO department and monitor their ads to see if they could use a PPC management service.

Figure out what they need help with, pitch them the perfect service to help out, and you'll notice your time spent won't be too wasted. 

Automate whatever you can
If you're using SEMrush and Ahrefs already, you probably know they're pretty awesome at digging up website data to make your own business better.  You can also use these to help you build clients' websites, but not many people use them for affiliate marketing.  This is because they tend to be a pretty expensive investment to do research that might not make you any money.  Think about this, if you used these tools to automate the research process, you could check 100 sites instead of manually checking one, and that would give you a lot of potential affiliate commissions!

There are some services out there that will allow you to pay them for form submissions, as well.  You sign up for their services, add in your message along with your affiliate links, and let them run while you sit back and wait for the process to finish.  This isn't something that everyone should try, because you never really have complete control of the form submissions, so be wary when testing this automation method.

Recurring vs. One Time Commissions
When it comes down to what affiliate programs I'm going to work with, I tend to lean towards the ones that have a membership and recurring affiliate commission structure over the one-time payments that get me a slightly bigger paycheck but no digital security when it comes to next month or the month after that.  Don't get me wrong; one-time payment commissions are great because they tend to be a little bigger, and that's always awesome, but a recurring structure is something I prefer because I can see a client staying on board for 6+ months and I get more money over time.

Final Thoughts,
When using the form submission method for affiliate marketing, you will always want to send people through your affiliate URLs, but you'll want to use a link shortener, so they don't bypass your link and type the URL directly into the address bar.  You can send them to a page of your website that will 301 through the affiliate URL, but you want to keep your websites separate from anyone that is clicking through.  Form submissions and affiliate marketing go well together if you put in the time.  It won't be an overnight success while you sit back and let some software run in the background, you need to invest time into this and send over custom messages to each website owner, so they know you took the time to check them out.  Put in the time and it will show when the commissions start to roll in Affiliate marketing through website contact form submissions

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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