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Sell a service

I posted a service in sell a service section but my service is still put in draft mode still not activated.Let me know the reason.


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Hey Joseph,

Go through and make sure everything is filled out correctly within your service.

Are you getting any sort of error messages that are preventing you from making your service go live?
Sometimes people will get an error, something simply usually, and they'll need to go through and edit a line or two in order to get their service out of draft mode.

Did you actually submit the service or was it really stuck in "draft" mode?
Sometimes people's internet connections go out while submitting their services, which will result in showing your services still as a draft, so you might need to resubmit it for acceptance.

Is your account restricted?
Have you done anything that could get your account restricted which would remove the option of submitting new services? This happens sometimes and people don't even think about it. They will spam users with "Hey, check out my service!" and they will get their account restricted for doing so. I hope this isn't the case, because you might not be able to submit new services if it is, but you can always contact support about this one.

Have you contacted support about this?
Like I mentioned just above this, have you tried to contact support about the problem? You won't want to contact them unless you've tried to troubleshoot everything yourself. Try to resubmit the service to see if it goes through, try to fix any errors that might pop up, and I really hope you don't have a restricted account because that would mean you need to wait a certain amount of days before you can re-submit your service for approval.

Was this the service you're talking about?
If that's the service you're referring to, it doesn't seem to be in "Draft" mode anymore Sell a service


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