How to set up an automated Affiliate Marketing funnel

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How to set up an automated Affiliate Marketing funnel

A lot of people start out with affiliate marketing when they want to make money online.  This is because it's a low-cost startup that can bring in a decent amount of money if you're a top referrer to specific companies.  You'll likely start off with Clickbank or Amazons affiliate program, which are both good, but the big money doesn't start coming in until you run a bunch of successful affiliate websites that are all bringing in sales.

If you're starting from scratch, you'll need to do some specific things, and these don't involve you sharing your affiliate link within facebook groups like 99% of the other affiliate marketers out there lol.

First - Set up your website
What you'll need to do is purchase a domain that fits your niche then set it up on WordPress and get a premium theme that can be used multiple times.  By spending a few extra dollars on a reusable theme you will save plenty of money down the road if you start becoming successful at affiliate marketing and want to branch out a bit more.

After you have your website designed, or purchase a theme, it's time to move onto step 2.

Second - Set up your email capture system
I would highly recommend you check out MailChimp since it has a low-cost startup option and you can pay it monthly.  I think it was at $10 a month for the starter account, which isn't a lot at all considering the features you get with it, and after you get that started you'll need to sync it with your website.

There are plenty of popup builders and form builders out there that integrate perfectly with MailChimp by simply adding a string of code, like a license key, to the form you're wanting to work with.  After someone fills out the form, they'll be added to your mailing list, and you can now send them newsletters each day or week but don't get too spammy or you'll see your list deteriorate.

Third - Set up 6+ weeks of newsletters
In order to get the biggest bang for your buck, you'll need to automate your newsletters for at least six weeks.  This is because people tend to not convert into a sale before they've had six interactions with you or your site.  It seems like a lot to do, but I have over six months of newsletters scheduled and I slightly edit them if needed, so remember to always add in content when possible to keep those newsletters fresh and always converting.

Fourth - Test Everything!
Before you launch anything you MUST test everything you possibly can.  If your email forms aren't capturing anything, and you've just spent $500 on advertising, you'll be pretty disappointed in yourself and that could be a business killer.  Instead, test your load times, test your email capture forms, test your links and make sure they're sending people to the right products, and make sure you are promoting your own affiliate URL and not a random one lol.

Final Thoughts,
Affiliate marketing isn't the most difficult thing to do but the "Gurus" make it sound like you should purchase their $2,000+ course in order to learn everything.  You can literally learn everything you need to know by searching through digital marketing forums and reading through discussions like this one.  Don't spend an obscure amount of money so a "Guru" can tell you how they did it.  Work on it yourself, learn it for free, and make more money in the long run.  You'll have a better sense of accomplishment as well How to set up an automated Affiliate Marketing funnel

Thanks for reading How to set up an automated Affiliate Marketing funnel

- Tommy


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Well said. Very good points made here. I set up numerous websites for my affiliate marketing and few websites specifically for Seoclerks.
However... Most of people missing persistance in promoting their websites and become hopeless until affiliate income start flowing in... There is critical moments and persistance is very important for those who want to succeed. In meantime, desperate marketers lossing pasion and want to speed up the process by buying these "big dog guru's tutorials", but as much i know, those gurus made most money on such desperate people, much more then in affiliate marketing, but offering bla bla stories from comon sense and most of the time with false proofs etc...

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Hey AnWebServices,

I only have one affiliate site for here and I used it to help boost my user-level lol How to set up an automated Affiliate Marketing funnel It worked well, still brings in consistent commissions, and I promote it pretty often and keep trying to boost the net profits each month lol.

As for the "Big Dog Gurus" I agree 100% with what you said. They claim to make a killing with affiliate marketing, or whatever niche/industry they're in, and they probably don't make more than me or you. However, they make a lot of money by praying on the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of the people who are looking to make money online. They will sell a basic "Affiliate Marketing Millionaire" course to them for the low price of $4,997 and they'll get countless members signing up. One of the more messed up things is they have people commenting on their pages leaving positive "reviews" like "This system saved my life and I'm now making $300,000+ per year in affiliate commissions!" which is a load of sh*t because not many people are pulling in that kind of money in affiliate marketing lmao How to set up an automated Affiliate Marketing funnel

These course sellers will profit off of the sales they make from people buying a dream, and that's what sad about todays market, you can sell to someone that is hopeful in your service or product and you don't have to produce anything for them in terms of profits because "Not everyone will have the same results" is always plastered at the end of the Buy Now page lol.

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