Why a sales pitch video is something you should always have on your website

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Why a sales pitch video is something you should always have on your website

How many times have you gone to a website and had a video autoplay?  It happens a lot more than you would think but you usually click the pause button and keep browsing through the site.  You may think "If I'm clicking the pause button right away, that means everyone else is too!" but that's not the case at all.

A lot of people would rather watch a video on your website than read through all of the text on it.  They will usually stay on the page where the video is playing so they get all the info, then they'll comb through your pages, and if everything looks good they will make a purchase or contact you.

Not everyone wants to read your content
If you're like me, you've been reading websites all day long and writing content for your blog and other websites.  You don't exactly want to read anything else at the end of the day and a video is something you would love to see when you still need to do some research.

Since a lot of us are visual learners, like me, a sort of tutorial video about your services or products will go a long way.  You can keep people on your page, give them an incentive to click through, and they will feel more of a connection with you if the video was done well.

Verbal bullet points within a video do well
If you have 10,000+ words of content on a page and you want to convert that into a video, you won't see many people sticking around to watch it.  People tend to read much faster than they can listen and comprehend something, which is why you will want to use a sort of bullet point video explaining the main features of your product or specific things your services can do for your customers.

You can literally use bullet points in your video to show people what you're talking about, talk about the specific things, and show them within the video to keep peoples attention.  If you were to have a 10,000+ word video, you won't see a positive ROI, and not many people will stick around until the end of your 30 minutes of rambling lol.

Videos can convey emotion better than text
Unless you type like I do and add in a lol or smiley face in order to show emotion, you may not sound like a very pleasant person lol <-- See?

If you use a video, you or your actor can show emotion quite easily, and people will have more smiles on their faces and not know it.  People will be able to build an initial relationship with you if they can hear your voice, understand your tone, and know you're a friendly person.  If you're using text and content to convey all your emotions, you may not see a huge signup rate, and that means you might want to venture out and try a video or two lol.

Final thoughts,
A sales pitch video is something that takes a little while to craft because not everyone can do it on their first try.  You could, of course, outsource this type of work to a credible freelancer, if you could afford it, but they tend to be pretty expensive after everything is finished.  You could use a whiteboard video explainer for every little part of your website, and save a decent amount of money, but be sure you have some sort of human interaction with the video so people build a relationship with you more.

Thanks for reading Why a sales pitch video is something you should always have on your website

- Tommy


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Hi Tommy

So The Pitch Video is Like Explainer Video But With Real Person
Hmm. This Is Interesting,
Thank you For Your Information

Your Sincerely, Rehiga

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Hey Rehiga,

A pitch video is something that will explain your service or product without a person having to read the description. They can simply press the play button and watch the video instead of reading down the page.

People use these types of videos on eCommerce sites to explain and showcase a product, they will also use them for services here to explain what the buyer will get after the order is completed, and you can basically use them for anything you want as long as you're explaining something.

You'll want to keep them short and sweet, no longer than two minutes, because people will start to lose interest in them. I've also read that if you were to use an Australian voice over you'd get better conversions, not a huge boost in profits, but you'll still notice a few more orders here and there because someone from Australia was talking over your video instead of someone from the US or anywhere else lol Why a sales pitch video is something you should always have on your website

Also, your explainer video doesn't have to be of a real person, it can be something like a whiteboard video with a voiceover (like I mentioned above). I actually prefer using whiteboard videos and I'm thinking about using one for my writing service, I just haven't had time to sift through all the service providers to see which one I want to order from lol Why a sales pitch video is something you should always have on your website A good whiteboard video will keep people interested, introduce them to your product or service, and show them reasons why your product or service will benefit them after purchasing.

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