3 reasons you should think about starting a dropshipping website

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3 reasons you should think about starting a dropshipping website

Many people want to sell something online but don't have a product of their own, so they resell items and be a sort of middle man for the manufacturer and customer.  In comes dropshipping and the ability to sell someone else's products that get shipped under your name!  A massive amount of people love dropshipping because it's the same as reselling, but you get to build up your brand, and the manufacturer works with you on all of this.

Dropshipping is getting more popular as time goes on because more and more manufacturers are getting on board with this reselling method and understand it's a powerful way to move products.  The manufacturers will take in all of your information, give you access to their products, and allow you to sell everything you can while they slap a shipping label on the package with your business name and address on it after you pay them for the product. 

Below are three reasons you should get into dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a low-cost startup
Like most websites, a dropshipping site is a low-cost startup because it's an eCommerce site that you can get up and running for the cost of a domain, hosting, a WordPress theme, and a plugin (if you want to automate it a bit).  This will come out to around $120-$220, which isn't much at all if you start thinking about how much a retail store would cost to start selling stuff from.  To get an idea, the typical lease for an average-sized store is between $800 and $3,000 per month! 

You don't have inventory when drop shipping
The best thing about drop shipping is that you don't have to manage your inventory!  You don't have products stored at your house, office, or storage facility collecting dust if they aren't selling.  You work with the manufacturer of the product, and they hold onto all of the inventory for you!

This is one of the main reasons people get into dropshipping!  No one wants to buy 100 of an item and not sell a single one online, but they'll gladly add that item to their shop and remove it if it's not getting a single sale.  It doesn't cost anything to add a product to our sites, but it would cost a lot to purchase our inventory, and that's why dropshipping is a powerhouse when it comes to running your eCommerce store.

You don't handle the logistics when drop shipping
The main reason I love dropshipping, and I'm sure a lot of people will agree is that I don't have to ship ANYTHING after a sale happens.  All I do is forward the order to the manufacturer, pay the wholesale price to them, and they ship out the product under my name to the customers home or business! 

I've managed inventory in the past and had to package and ship orders daily around ten years ago, and I'll tell you that it was NOT fun.  It takes to much time to find the product in a warehouse, get it in a box, tape it up, print the shipping label, and double-check everything before it gets picked up and sent to the customers.  When you run a dropshipping business, you worry about getting the sales and never about shipping the product to the buyer, which is amazing!

Final thoughts,
I love dropshipping, but it can be pretty competitive if you're in a competitive niche.  You could be in direct competition with some big-name manufacturers and have a tough time driving PPC traffic to your pages because you simply can't compete with well-established companies just yet.  If you do plan on running your dropshipping site, I would highly suggest going heavy on your SEO and bring in a lot of organic traffic, so you're not spending all your profits on PPC clicks.

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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