Single product eCommerce sites tend to convert extremely well, here's why.

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Single product eCommerce sites tend to convert extremely well, here's why.

Whenever I come across a website that is selling a single product, I think, "How are they making any money?  Who would run a website with a single product on it?" but then I start looking through the site and realize it's much easier to sell a product if you're not putting it up against any competition.  You're essentially putting that product on a pedestal, shining a light on it, and saying "This is the best thing ever!" and people will gravitate towards it.  If you were to have 100s of products on your website, people will get distracted and likely leave a product page and never come back to it.  They may love one of your products, but if they don't add it to their cart, they may never find it again :'(

In this discussion, I'll be talking about those odd single product sites that might look as if they're not profitable, but tend to be in most cases.

All of your content is laser-focused on one item
You could write 100 articles for your blog and rank them for keywords related to your website, and you probably won't do as well as a single product site with ten articles about what they were selling.  Think about it, every single page you have on your website is laser-focused on this one product, and you're always talking about the best points of it.  You're not splitting up your time amongst 100 different products, writing their descriptions, and building traffic to all of them at the same time.  Instead, you focus on one product, build content for it, and send super targeted traffic to your website where people will buy from you.

Nothing is competing with your one product
Like I mentioned above, you won't be competing with yourself, and this is something a lot of people don't think about.  I've run plenty of eCommerce sites, dropshipping sites, and sold plenty of digital services online and never really thought I would hurt my sales if I had similar products and services listed near each other.  That was until I started seeing these single product sites pop up and start killing it with digital sales!

You're not cannibalizing your traffic and sending it to different products.  People may click away from your product page, but it can easily be found because it's the only thing to buy from the site, and that means if you have super targeted traffic, you will get the sales piling up!

Your visitors will see you're dedicated to one thing
A lot of visitors will land on your site and think "These guys dedicate their time to one thing, one product, and one service" and that will show them you're not splitting your time amongst 100s of products and worrying about inventory or quality as much because you're focused on one thing. 

When people know you're focused on something, they're not worried about the quality as much since they know you're keeping tabs on everything.  They will purchase from you, get the product that is amazing, and they will likely leave a review for your website on a 3rd party platform that will only help you become more of an authority online Single product eCommerce sites tend to convert extremely well, here

Your ad campaigns can convert better
I mentioned earlier that having your traffic be super targeted will get you the best conversions.  This is because you don't have to target various keywords and bring people into your hundreds of products or services, you can focus on one set and get specific about them.  You can pay 50% more than your competitors per click if you're targeting exact match, and this is because you know you're putting a product in front of people who will love it and purchase it immediately.

Final Thoughts,
Think about it, could you sell a single product if you had a dedicated site for it and ran super specific ads that were targeting exact match keywords?  Yes, you could, and I know this because a lot of people out there are already doing it!  They may not be making a killing with one website, but the beauty of this is you can do a sort of copy and paste, then rebranding, and you will have a new site that can sell a different product and target a new audience!  Imagine if you had 20 of these single product websites up and running, profitable, and consistently doubling or tripling your investment?  Yeah, I'm sure I just gave a lot of people ideas, and they'll be trying this one out soon lol Single product eCommerce sites tend to convert extremely well, here

Thanks for reading Single product eCommerce sites tend to convert extremely well, here

- Tommy


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