6 ways to produce more content than writing an article

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6 ways to produce more content than writing an article

Whenever you start a website, you may think you need a lot of content on your blog to be successful, which is true, but that's not the only place you need to put content if you want to dominate your competitors.  There are plenty of ways to redistribute, re-use, and syndicate content to get as many people to your website as possible, which I'll go over in this discussion 6 ways to produce more content than writing an article

It shouldn't be a surprise to you that content is what brings people to your pages, keeps them reading, and what ultimately gets them to buy from you.  Did you know that the content you write can also have the same power on other websites, social media platforms, and pretty much wherever you post it online as it does on your site?

With a few little twists, you can create a massive amount of content to be shared anywhere and target anyone, such as.

Convert your blog posts into detailed videos
A lot of people like doing this with a whiteboard video since it's much cheaper than hiring a film team and an actor who sounds like they know what they're talking about.  Most people don't want to be in front of the camera, which is why they don't take this route, and it's also why a good whiteboard artist makes a decent amount of money for each project completed lol.

All you need to do is hire a whiteboard artist, a voice-over actor, and give the actor your article that you want to be turned into a voice over.  Now, have the whiteboard artist do their work and then send your amazing video over to the voice over actor to fill it with what fits in well with the video.  The content within your article may not all fit within the video, so give the voice-over actor some creative freedom as long as it sounds ok.

Start your Podcast
If you don't like to do videos, and you can't afford a nice whiteboard video, you might want to look into starting a podcast.  They're rather cheap to start because all you need is an internet connection and a microphone, but you can upgrade if needed and be fancy. 

There are plenty of places you can stream your podcast; you can even do multiple streams at the same time by logging into various platforms and going live at the same time.  The bigger you get, the more you'll want to upgrade, and you may even want to start marketing your podcast to bring people in from all over.

Write longer form, more detailed, content
Do massive amounts of research and see what the world is missing in the form of content.  Think of writing a 2,500-word article at the very least and give your readers something extremely detailed when you're finished.  I know of some people who have written 50,000-word ebooks and give them away for free.  It took them weeks to write up, edit, and publish but it was worth it in the end because they now have a steady stream of readers who click on affiliate links as well as their links which make them profitable.

No one wants to find an article that is 200 words long and claims to be "informative" because it isn't.  Don't watch how much you're typing, how many sections there are to your article/post, write until you're finished and post it when you're done editing.

Take over social media
Publish links to your blog posts and articles on social media platforms.  You can even be big on one social media platform and post to another platform of your choice if you want to build a second over time.  You don't always have to post an article directly from your site and link back to your site.  You can mention something interesting on a different website as long as it's not a competitor, and the webmaster of that site might reciprocate by mentioning you on their pages or profiles.  Be sure to tell the page owner you mentioned them lol.

Write about your research, not about what someone else did
One thing you don't see too often is someone going out of their way to do a huge study by testing everything they possibly can and then writing tutorials, guides, or one massive blog post about their findings.  I've done this a couple of times in the past, and I will tell you that it takes a lot longer than you would think lol.  I assume the time it takes to complete is why people won't do it on their own lol.

These case studies, experiments, and amazing blog posts tend to get a massive amount of traffic if they are done right.  They don't always get traffic from the search engines, but they tend to go viral within small circles and then those small circles publish your links in front of the masses!

Final thoughts,
You can write one long blog post and share it in various ways such as a whiteboard video, publishing a snippet of it on social media, starting a podcast and covering key points, or getting socially active and taking over your niche on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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Writing an article is not rocket science but it has a process. Most of the time writer just write according to their knowledge but as we know it’s not enough to make the impact. So behalf of my personal experience I would like to suggest some tips for writing an article for beginners.

  • Quora - Best way to improve your writing skill is to give time to Quora. Practice for writing article and read many of answer will surely make a beginner to a pro writer.
  • Research - An article is very helpful if it contains fact. So the basic rule is to research well before writing an article.
  • Write For Reader - Like customer is king for a business, as well as A reader, is also the king. Be careful while you are writing that a reader need, solution, and Easy to read have to compile in your article.
  • Golden Rule - The Golden Rule of writing is Write more Improve More. If you Read more, Write more than just a couple of month your writing is on pro mode.
So that’s all about from my side feel free to ask any query.

Happy Blogging.

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