An uncommon and powerful way to generate great SEO leads

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An uncommon and powerful way to generate great SEO leads

Whenever you hear someone talking about generating leads for their SEO agency it usually comes down to Facebook Ads, Adwords, or they've got a "unique" system, they don't want to tell you lol.  Well, in this discussion, I'll be going over a few ways that I've captures some pretty amazing leads for my SEO agency.

I'm sure you're thinking "I have SEO leads because they're always garbage!" and that's usually true because we get sucked into these lead generation services who claim we can close 30% of their leads for $1,500+ per month, but that's not true.  It takes hard work, dedication, and plenty of time to close a bunch of leads but at least you'll know a new method or two from this discussion An uncommon and powerful way to generate great SEO leads

Become known in your community
Every town in the United States has a mayor, I think, and that mayor will sometimes hold a big even for businesses to get together and mingle with one another.  This is a way for you to get in with the mayor, find some businesses you could partner with, but it's also a great way to find new clients to bring on board.

I always like going to these types of events and talking with various business owners.  I will always ask them about their business, I will stay attentive while they talk, and I won't mention what I do until they ask lol.  If I have to open up and say "I own and operate a large SEO agency" they'll think I'm just trying to pitch to them.  Now, if they ask me what I do, and I haven't hinted to it at all, they will be more willing to listen to my part of the conversation and truly be interested.  This is where you can start the client relationship by exchanging business cards and say "I'll send people to your website if they ever ask me for something you're offering" and the other person will likely respond with the same thing.

The beauty of this is that you tell them you'll help them out by sending people to their site if they're interested, which makes it sound like you're not trying to get the other business owner signed up, and that entices the business owner a little bit lol.

Go to business meet and greets
I live near a big city, and there are plenty of these each week.  I can go online and type in "Chicago business events" or something similar to that and find business meet and greets every day of the week.  Some of these will be paid to attend, but a lot of them will be free because the sponsors of the event are marketing their services, software, or products to business owners and want as many people there as possible.

These can be treated the same way as the method above; you can hand out business cards and tell people you'll recommend them whenever the scenario arises.  The other person, who's a business owner, will likely ask you some questions about your services and you might be able to get them to sign up.  If you can give them a URL right then and there, they can sign up for more info, and that's an easy close once they're on board your mailing list.

Volunteer as your company
I'm sure you've seen soup kitchens, or other events, that have volunteers from businesses in the area.  You can do the same thing and have your business name added to the volunteer list.  You can take it a step further and sponsor part of the event and get your logo on all of the merchandise that's being passed out An uncommon and powerful way to generate great SEO leads

This is a great way to show you're trying to help your community, a way to build up your blog content, and the absolute best way to bring local businesses to you if you do it right.

Sponsor local youth teams
Every single little league out there looks for sponsors so their kids can have nice uniforms and be able to play on a nice field every summer.  I always noticed local businesses sponsoring my teams when I was younger, and my daughter now has sponsors for her teams when she plays.  It's a pretty common way to get your business name out there and even though it's not super-targeted, you can build nice blog content out of it, and local businesses will see that you gave away money and didn't expect to get attention from it, which will get you attention lol.

Donate a building (advanced)
This is a way to build up your reputation within the community if you're already a successful company.  You will need a decent amount of cash flow to donate an entire building, but you can always donate something smaller, make sure your business name is listed on it for recognition lol.

Final thoughts,
If you were to do all of the things mentioned above, you would be a superpower business within your community, and I'm sure you'd have a full schedule of clients needing your help with anything SEO or website related.  Start small and work your way up to donating a building lol An uncommon and powerful way to generate great SEO leads

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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