How to generate more orders or how to highlight service with out any service support?

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How to generate more orders or how to highlight service with out any service support?

How Highlight a service with taking the highlight gig? And how increase orders?


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How to increase sales on SEO Clerks

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You can Highlight your gig, feature your gig and verify your expertise with SEO clerks, these are all things you can do on this site to produce more sales and increase gig visibility for potential clients who are searching the marketing place, also posting in forums and FAQ can produce more sales because people who like what you said normally will check your profile out, an this can produce extra sales.

However if you are really wanting some extra sales then you need to be SEO friendly with your gigs, use keywords that potential clients would use in their search for a provider or online source for the service/product you provide, what I mean by this is that even know SEO clerks is not directly made for people finding your gig using search engines on the world wide web but that doesn't mean that you can't and that it wont be of much use because it can be and can really do you some justice if done properly.

Below are a few methods in more detail to increase your Gigs keyword visibility on the web to potential clients searching the terms you chose,

When writing a gig on SEO clerks that your wanting to get some Search Engine exposure from you will want to make sure that the Keyword terms are the best fit for the sale of your product or service, (Use terms that a potential client is likely to search for when looking to buy the product or service you provide) you will also want to start advertising the gig it self by using other related websites with decent standing, dont use just any website with related content to your product/service make sure that the site is of decent quality and if not sure its better to skip it then to risk it. (Never use any back linking software for anything all SEO software that promises any sort of results besides information based is a sure way to cause you so much more work)

When creating backlinks for your gig make sure to use solid comments, what I mean by this is to use positive words targeted towards the content of the website your posting on, make sure to always add some sort of keyword off the website your posting on not only will it help get the comment approved but it holds much value with search engines because bots normally are not this advanced and it also shows that your a real person who has a legit interest in the sites content, after this has been done finish the comment with some info about your gig if your providing the link in this way then be sure to add your main keyword in the anchor text.

When using keywords in the anchor text its smart to only use two or three an put them around the link it self so that its picked up when the search bot runs its scan,or when your gig is scanned to rate your value to a related search by a user that even know it sounds minor is that much faster with bring back results, hopefully your scan is just a bit faster with the search engines algorithm in rating your article more useful to the search and puts it on the first search results page of potential clients who want your services

Keywords that are used in your gig will add more impact if you have used them in anchor text, a smart way to keep track and to rate them your self is to write out a sort of ranking system for your gig, keep track of important factors like how many links does each keyword have anchored or as the highlighted link track keywords around the link as well, and be sure to keep track of their PR even know PR is not accurate for keyword ranking it is used to provide a score for each keyword (You can go as detailed as you want making it more accurate, later comparing with what your tracking to research you will find that your ranking isnt to far from most search engines ranking) ,Make sure your most valuable keywords are anchored with the highest and most related backlinks (Again make sure your number 1 keyword is in your title and that per gig or article your not using to many keywords focus on 3 then write another) these 3 keywords are going to help tell what the article/gig is about or what the gig is offering (note a gig is the same as a article as is the same as a post without providing the term sales and such there a chance that search engines will not pick up on this)

Make sure to only use a few keywords, (I understand that your goal in backlinking for websites is to use many keywords but you want to focus on getting your gig ranked for maybe 2 or 3 at the most 4 related keywords, an not just related to the service but to the sale of the service) so that you are for sure ranked in these search results, you can always make the same gig just worded differently an go about it the same way just with different keywords backlinked the same way with the same concept (when you anchor a link with your choice keyword or phrase, using the gigs url with the keyword in the title your going to mark that gig's topic as that keyword and if you leave out a selling term from all 3 or 4 of your keywords your going to end up in results for people wanting info or to learn how and thats not the best for a gig) hope I didn't repeat my self here to much but im sure its needed in some cases!

Use keywords in your title, header and body of the gig but dont over do it, any keyword phrase used to much will cause a negative effect, also dont forget that a few onsite backlinks from SEO clerks is going to add much weight and value in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo because when your able to put the URL in a anchor text pointing to your gig from the website its on its in a sense telling the system that this article/gig is a valuable source or service even on the site its coming from and sets it apart from other posts/articles because of these additional links so when the sites scanned and your article is one of the ones with several onsite links, directing users of this site to its information source.

Here is the last tip and likely the most valuable of all the tips given even SEO wise this is the most valuable tip, Websites and articles are scanned for backlinks and determine so much of the keyword ranking because it tells so much about the site and the sites content, its able to tell so much because there are several key factors that really is why the search or scan is going on in the first place, the search engine is trying to determine if the website has valuable content that is liked by not just a few people but by the majority of the people thats used the site, now as we know this can be determined by many other factors and is becoming more and more accurate as the ranking systems become more advanced, one of the key factors that so many people miss these days is the source of the backlink, not the website or article though this is valuable to, and helps with determining the topic or reason for the article or Websitee because just reading the authors meta tags and description has shown that many people have hidden agenda's and have caused the internet at one time to be a huge advertisement and spam network until Panda & penguin saved the internet and restored the value in the ability to accurately search the web and find what your looking for.

So I will cut to the chase here, Search engines like to determine how much do the users like the site, they can tell this by if the user leaves the site and later posts something about the site on another website, or recommends the website to others an also what the user posts or writes about the website is very important and is why I said its very important that you use a method to your comments an not only keywords related to your service but keywords to tell the search engines that you did enjoy the site, or that the sites content was quality you took as fact not just some know it all telling a bunch of lies so he can fill his site with keywords and content, this holds so much weight with keyword ranking that id say 80% of the websites we do a SEO package on will out rank higher PRs (I mean PR1 out ranking PR6 - 7 for their main keywords within a short time)

The ranking system is effected every time a backlinks, keyword, topic keyword, positive/negative keyword, and then a new rating for the overall backlink count is then also effected by these factors, this is why for those who have had our SEO services done we were able to bring such results so fast without using black hat methods and without having to charge as much as others because we understand how it works, also note that the more the backlinks the higher the rating system goes, this is important because this means the more words the less their worth, the more backlinks the less the backlinks worth per backlink and the more is needed to impress the search engines because its working off percentages an when 9 out of 10 people leave a pr 1 with a article about how to backlink an go and write comments on other websites that relate to back linking and they are telling people on this site to go to the site they just left the PR1 and this is a easy scan folks man these are trace routes, and all this is taken into account that even if a IP leaves the PR1 and 5 days later goes and posts a backlink on a related site, this shows even more that the content found on that site stuck with that IP user and had enough effect that he still is recommending that PR 1 (These types of trace routes add so value to the content of that site and can be trusted that more people will also like its content) search engines are like companies they are hiring websites to fill their positions and to do their jobs right, if they arent they have to fire them and so they do replacing it with the new employee or new website.

When you purchase a backlink service and the provider goes out and posts all those backlink himself using the same IP pretty much each time that he creates another backlink its lowering the value of all the backlinks posted by that IP however still adding value to different ratings in the related content of each backlink and PR and so on, but there are better ways to do this and it does take funding to do get the best results and I can hear someone saying right now as they read this, "well I can fix that" I will use a proxy list an yea its a decent idea an is even better then having 400 out of 405 backlinks by the same IP however proxy IPs normally are marked and do not have a cookies to them this a huge deal because cookies provides another value factor to the backlinkss IP, so I wont go into to much more details considering I have spent a good hour writing this one article however I been meaning t write another article for my SEO tips website and so I will use it there im sure just reediting the grammar and putting much more content and information in it.

OK so here is a method to fix all the above and not spend to much,

Find your self a good micro task website such as SEO clerks and Social Work Exchange (Of course I like Work Exchange Social but it has the most USA workers and they have much more value then the rest the world for how much longer I cant say but as of now they do) so by going to these websites and posting tasks for workers to find related websites of decent quality you are eliminating the problems of having verified ips with cookies, (if you join work exchange social and make it to the private forums or become a verified member you can allow workers more then one position, allow them to do more backlinks, also you can provide them premade messages per position allowing you to customize each workers comment developed of a premade SEO plan) so that each backlink is very valuable and I can pretty much guarantee that after just 10 backlinks (depending on keyword competition) you will be ranking for many of the keywords you chose, You can also contact me here if your interested in this service we will provide the back linking system above.

OK everyone I am finished hope you enjoyed this response to how to get more sales on SEO clerks and im sure that SEO clerks staff will agree with a lot of what I have said here being the best methods to increase sales on their website and if you follow these steps for just one service and put your affiliate link on the service it self so people can use it to sign up who are not members, I am sure that by using these methods you could double if not triple sales for our gig per week and make SEO clerks pretty happy with you at the same time lol

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