5 main reasons people start an online business

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5 main reasons people start an online business

There are a lot of obscure reasons for someone to start an online business, but there are usually five main ones that I'll talk about within this discussion.  Everyone who owns a website or blog has it for the main purpose of getting online, getting some traffic to their pages, and possibly making a sale or two.  Websites that don't sell something, or run ads, likely have an ulterior motive that highlights something of importance like a charity or non-profit, but we won't be going over those since they're not really "Business" related.

Below you can find the five main reasons someone will likely want to start an online business.

They hear that it's easy to get rich online
This is what I think would be the leader in reasons to start an online business because we are all chasing money, and we want to be the next billionaire in the world.  So many advertisers on Facebook and other platforms claim it's easy to make your next $100, $1,000, or even $1,000,000 if you buy their course and that's why people flock to online businesses.

I'll tell you right now.  Working online isn't easy, and those courses that claim it is are only trying to take your money while providing you some insight into how everything works.  Ask yourself, if it were as easy as they make it seem, why are they selling their courses so cheap?  Wouldn't they ask for $100,000+ instead of $100 to give away all their secrets of building a successful online business?

Know this, it's not easy, and you'll have a tough time building it.  Don't expect much from those "get rich quick" courses because they usually have basic info in them for newbies, and that's it.  Sure, you can make some money off of their techniques, but it will be supersaturated after they sell the course to 1,000+ people lol.

They're tech-savvy
I know a lot of programmers and developers that start their own online business and do pretty well for the most part.  The programmers I know have the skills to pay the bills and can set up a website or service on the weekend and have it generating positive cash flow within a couple of weeks if they know how to do the right marketing.  The only problem is that the majority of programmers know how to do the code, but they're not so familiar with SEO and Online Marketing so they will have a great service, but no one knows about it 5 main reasons people start an online business

This is a quick fix, luckily, and all you have to do is bring on a consultant or hire a Marketing team to get your service in front of the right people.  Also, if you're a programmer I would highly suggest you hire a business manager that will talk to everyone.  This is because every single programmer I've met has a complex brain, they run 100 different scenarios in their head at the same time, and that doesn't always mean they will be a "people person" lol.  Someone who doesn't know you might think you're not nice, but someone like me will wait for you to get done processing and then I'll continue with the conversation haha 5 main reasons people start an online business

They want to quit their day jobs
This would probably land in the #2 spot for why people want to start an online business.  The majority of people out there hate their day jobs and would love to quit if they could.  It's not easy finding a decent paying job, which is why a lot of people get stuck in their positions, and they will look online to figure out if they can start something fresh.

I always suggest that someone start a blog related to something they're passionate about and see where it goes.  Will it make money?  Will it be popular?  How much of an investment will it take?  There are many things you need to break down before you quit your day job and I don't suggest you take that action until you're already making money online, enough money, so it almost equals your day job salary.

They don't have an "employee" mindset
I'm sure you've come across many people like this, these are the ones who think they run the building, but they were hired two days ago, and you've been in your position for ten years lol.  People who don't have the "employee" mindset will usually be the ones who clash with management, think they know how everything works on their first day, and ultimately the ones who get fired the fastest.

If you know, you're one of these people try and stick with your job as long as possible before you jump ship.  Don't start working online and complain that you're not making money.  I'll tell you now, working for yourself online is pretty humbling because you could make $10 today, $1,000 tomorrow, and be broke next month lol 5 main reasons people start an online business

They want to work from home on their time
This would land at #3 on the list of top 5 reasons people want to start an online business.  This is because everyone would love to work from their couch and make money, but it's just not always the case for the majority of people. 

A lot of people think "I can work from home, do what I want, and make more money!" but that's not always the case.  I work from home 8+ hours a day and want to get out of the house as much as I can.  Sitting in the comfort of my own home is great, but the silence can get to me at times, and when I have the option to get out of the house, I tend to take it.  I don't have in-person communication with other employees or freelancers because I'm 100% online.  Some people will say "Go to the local coffee house and get some interaction!" but my response is always "I don't want people to see what I'm working on and I don't have time to talk to each person that wants to understand in depth what SEO and Online Marketing is" lol 5 main reasons people start an online business

Final thoughts,
Starting an online business is something I'm most proud of, other than my kids and wife, and I'm glad I decided to take the plunge.  Now, I was in school and had a full-time job when I left, but that didn't stop me from working online and studying everything I possibly could about making money online.  I would go to school, work, then build my online business at night.  Most people start an online business because they want to be rich, they want to quit their day job, or they want to work from home.  I started my online business because I wanted to build something that could support me and my future family when they came around, and it has so far 5 main reasons people start an online business

Thanks for reading 5 main reasons people start an online business

- Tommy


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Hi, Tommy

Your Information Is Very Nice.
But My Main Reason Is For Going To University, And Help My Parent With Money
Although I am Still High School Student.

Thank You.

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Hey Rehiga,

That's an honorable reason that more people should get online for 5 main reasons people start an online business

The main thing people get into an online business is to make money, but most people think they'll become millionaires within their first year, and we both know that probably won't happen to most people lol.

Keep grinding, make some additional cash, and reinvest as much as you can to learn and build your business. If you stick with it you can build a steady income online and have plenty of return buyers 5 main reasons people start an online business

- Tommy

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I agree with you, but I think you are missing one more reason by which people love to work online. Therefore, I guess they feel it easy and comfortable with edu birdy because there is no need of going to work they can work from their home without any time limitations.

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Thank you very much for this post.

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