Finding the right domain name isn't as easy as you would think

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Finding the right domain name isn't as easy as you would think

When I launch a website, it usually has a specific purpose, and I like the domain to be pretty clear. I don't want people wondering what my website is about when they see the domain and that's the main reason I tend to have a more difficult time finding something I like. I have around 20 websites that are up and running, pulling in traffic, some generating sales while others are lead magnets, but they all have their purpose, and each of them took me a long time to figure out the perfect domain name lol.

Finding a domain name isn't difficult, finding the right domain name is nearly impossible today, and that has to do with various reasons that I'll go over within this discussion.

The .com's are always taken
When searching for a domain name, you'll usually target the .com's and quickly understand that the majority of them are already taken. This isn't something that shocks me too often because .com is the most popular extension there is and every registrar usually defaults your searches to .com

I don't like going with a .net, .io, .us, etc. because I always think it makes me look less professional. Whenever someone has a .net or .us domain I tend to hear "Oh, they couldn't afford the .com?" and I think "Well, someone likely owns it and is holding it for legal ransom to the highest bidder."

Domain brokers buy low and sell high
One of the most annoying things to come across when domain shopping is when you have the best domain in mind for your business, and a domain broker owns it. They will likely want thousands of dollars for the domain if it's short and has the main keyword in it, which is insane, but I understand they have to make money.

The most I've ever paid for a domain was $750, and I'm glad I did because I get offers each year on it and they are in the thousands. I'm waiting until I get that $10,000+ offer until I sell it, but for now, it sits in my account until the right buyer comes along lol Finding the right domain name isn

Your domain has to sound right
Taking the time to find the domain that sounds right will help you be more profitable later on. People will be able to say your domain name easier since it rolls off the tongue gracefully and finding something like this will take countless searches and debating.

I like finding domains that have a keyword and industry within them. For example, SEOclerks is a good domain name because it's easy to say, but SEOoptimizers wouldn't be something I'd choose because the first word ends with O and the second word starts with it. If I have to take a slight pause between the words of the domain, I likely won't purchase it, but the O in these isn't that bad. I strictly avoid any domain that has the first word ending in an S and the second word starting in an S because it just sounds ridiculous in my head lol.

Your domain has to be short and sweet
If your domain has 3+ words, or look like a jumble of letters, better have a specific reason for being purchased. Sites like whatwpthemeisthat and lmgtfy get a lot of traffic because they're helpful. If they didn't have their specific purposes, then no one would use them, they would become relics, and eventually forgotten.

Keep searching, settle on something similar, and build on it
You won't always get what you want because someone will either have it redirected to their website or a broker will hold your perfect domain name for legal ransom, and you can't afford to pay them. For this reason, you'll need to bust out a thesaurus and start hammering in keywords related to what you want to buy. I do this with almost every domain I want to purchase and get ideas for new domains that are similar, then repeat the search and make a list of what is available.

Recently, I spent 6 hours across three days trying to find the right domain, and I had to ask a friend for some suggestions because I was stuck. I eventually settled on a domain name, one that I like, and now I'm working on the website in my spare time lol.

Final thoughts,
Finding the perfect domain name isn't impossible, but it can be stressful at times, so be sure to never settle on the first available domain name that is available and take some extra time to see what is out there. You likely won't get the right domain name your first attempt because of brokers and people using it as a redirect, so expand on your original domain name and see what pops up. You'd be amazed at how often you can find something that relates better to your industry and sounds amazing Finding the right domain name isn

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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If the domain has already been sold so that shouldn't be available. Simple. The finder needs to make search with a new unique name.

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