Easy SEO Affiliate Method to Generate Referrals

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Easy SEO Affiliate Method to Generate Referrals

When I started doing affiliate marketing, I didn't realize what I was doing.  I would set up complex paths to get clicks on my affiliate links, and it didn't need to be so over the top.  Now I run a few little websites, with legitimate services, and I will also forward people to SEOclerks through my affiliate link if they can't afford what I'm trying to sell them.  I will profit from the people who want to make a purchase directly from me, and I will make a percentage of the sale if they decide to click through and buy here lol.

There are a few things you need to do for this to work out well.  Don't worry, this isn't rocket science, but it does require you to invest some money into website setup/design as well as a PPC campaign.

Run a Genuine SEO Service Site
My website, one that will not be mentioned, has been online for about three years now and I've been reselling SEO services on it for roughly a year now.  I decided to try and get some affiliate sales here to boost my account level, and it worked pretty well, so I thought I would tell you all about it Easy SEO Affiliate Method to Generate Referrals

You'll need to set up a legitimate website, not a splash page, and this should work out pretty well for you.  I now use my website as a sort of redirect because I removed all of the services I was reselling and now have a "Get Quote" button on my services pages and claim "We sell Enterprise Level SEO Services.  Contact us to get a quote today!" and I will give people actual quotes if they call me, but the websites main purpose is to redirect people here through my affiliate link Easy SEO Affiliate Method to Generate Referrals

Offer FREE SEO Audits
The biggest reason my affiliate website is so successful at capturing leads and sending them here is because I give everyone a FREE SEO audit.  All they have to do is fill out their name, email, and website to generate the free audit and it will pop up on the screen as well as send a copy of it to the email they entered.

I use the services of to generate my SEO audits because I can pay a monthly fee and get unlimited reports generated.

How many reports I've generated so far.

Easy SEO Affiliate Method to Generate Referrals

As you can see, I've generated almost 2,000 leads doing this, and if even 10% of those are active, that means I have an additional 200 people buying and sending me a commission all the time.

Link Your Audit With MailChimp
One of the biggest features of this is that you can link this to your MailChimp account, or any mail service they integrate with and send out reminder emails as well as newsletters to your entire list.  I have an onboarding type of newsletter that goes out for six weeks after someone signs up.  They get an email from me every week talking about things on this marketplace that could help out their website.

I don't get many unsubscribes when the newsletters are going out because the way I construct the emails makes them look legitimate.  I will even link to a blog post or discussion from time to time lol Easy SEO Affiliate Method to Generate Referrals

Run Targeted Facebook and Adwords Campaigns
The quickest way to bring in the traffic is to run a PPC campaign through Facebook or Adwords, but this can get pricey, so you'll need to monitor it like a hawk to have the best ROI.  If you're successful with this, you'll likely lose money your first couple of months, but your sales will compile since the affiliate system here is recurring for life and people usually come back for 5, 10, or even 50+ orders.

Monitor your ROI, factor in that you'll lose money your first couple months, and be sure not to spend more than you're willing to lose Easy SEO Affiliate Method to Generate Referrals

Final Thoughts,
I've used this exact method, along with others, to build up my affiliate referrals over time and get commissions daily.  You can do the same thing, but you'll need to have a lot of dedication for it because it does take time.  You might see a lot of your referrals spending $2 and all of a sudden you snag a whale who spends $20,000 lol.  Remember, you get a percentage of those profits so keep reinvesting and catch as many whales as possible Easy SEO Affiliate Method to Generate Referrals

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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