Hiring a sales specialist can boost your business tenfold.

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Hiring a sales specialist can boost your business tenfold.

If you have a hot business, or a new startup with potential, bringing on a sales specialist or two of them could boost your business exponentially in a short amount of time.  There are salespeople in this world that make millions each year because of their salary and commissions, which isn't that common, but that's the upper echelon of sales specialists.

You won't need to bring on a specialist that has 25+ years experience if you're selling a digital service or product because they likely will be "old school" and not know how to cold pitch online.  Instead, you'll want to look for someone that has some experience and is hungry to make your company succeed, so they have a seat at the table later on in life if your company gets enormous.  They will be one of the first people who helped you grow, which will keep them close to you, and you'll likely put them on the board if you ever do get large enough.

In this discussion, I'll be going over a few reasons as to why you should think of bringing on a sales specialist, and they are;

They don't need much training
One of the best things about bringing a sales specialist on board is that you don't have to train them much if they have offline sales experience.  You will need to show them your products/services, tell them some key selling points, give them price comparisons, and tell them why people need you to solve a problem in their own life.

Other than that, you will not have to do much in the training department when it comes to bringing on a sales specialist.

They know what to say and when to say it
I've known a bunch of car salesmen since I was a little kid and know plenty about selling online because of all their stories.  They know what to say when to say it, and they keep the potential buyers thinking process moving along and never sticking to one piece of information too long.

Think about it, some of the best salespeople know how to keep you thinking, and they know where to steer your mind to get you to pay for something.  They will teach you how something fixes a problem in your life even if the problem never existed in the first place lol.  They will get you to think the product or service is something your website has needed to be successful and that you're crazy not to think otherwise.

Pay low and entice them with commissions
Not many sales specialists will work for free, or for just commission, but there are some out there that will give you a chance on their days off.  They will moonlight or work on their days off to see if they can bring in a sale or two for your business.  If they see potential in the systems, you're working with, and they're getting a commission, they'll keep doing it and possibly go full time selling for you.

You'll likely need to give a decent commission for every lead that closes otherwise you won't entice many salespeople to your job offer.  You're not paying them a salary, but they need to put food on the table just like you, which is why your 25% commission should be boosted to 50% if you want to get their attention.

Monitor their month to month performance
If you're offering a recurring commission to your salespeople, you will want to monitor their performance.  You need to tell them that their leads need to hit a certain quota each month, something easily obtainable, so that they don't slack off for a few months and your profits start to slip.  This is something you need to do more so if you're paying a salary and not if they're working for commission only.

Final thoughts
Salespeople love money, not working long hours, so if you can get their interest by saying you offer a high commission for a service that sells easily and they don't have to work long hours... You've got a lot of attention lol.  Pay them a decent commission, pay them a salary if you can, and remember the people who stick with you through the tough times because those are the ones who believe in your skills and will help you the most later on Hiring a sales specialist can boost your business tenfold.

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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