Churn out content that has a specific purpose if you want more traffic

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Churn out content that has a specific purpose if you want more traffic

Whenever you start your content writing or blogging journey, you may write a lot of content, but does it have a purpose?  Many people beginning their content journey will write what they want to read, and that might not be what the majority of people are looking for.  You will need to do proper research to know what people are searching, then write the best articles possible, and you might be graced by the search engine gods with some additional traffic to your website lol.

In this discussion, I'll be talking about the content you're writing, why you need to be writing, and how you need to be writing to bring in traffic that sticks around.

Don't write just anything
Many people who have niche blogs or websites think that all the content they write about it will be beneficial, but that's not the case.  People looking for a tutorial don't want to read about your dog who had worms when he was little because they need help with something.

On the other hand, people looking for general blogs may like your basic posts, but they won't stick around for long and definitely won't remember your site for long.

Get specific, write fantastic content, and keep people on your site by suggesting more blog posts and even getting them to click on sidebar images to additional pages or products you're selling.

Do your keyword research
Most people write content they think will get a lot of traffic, and sometimes it does, but most of the time they are targeting the shortest keywords possible that are almost impossible to rank for right away.  Instead, use a keyword research tool like ahrefs and figure out what the easiest keywords are that bring in a decent amount of traffic.

When I start a content writing campaign, I will find a list of maybe 100 keywords and sort them based on difficulty.  I will then select the ones with 0-20 difficulty, out of 100, and I will target them with one or two articles and build a few backlinks when the content is finished.

By doing this, I am getting niche-specific content on my site/blog that has a purpose and pleases the readers when they land on my site.  I might not get as much traffic for a 0-20 difficulty keyword, but I'll rank much easier, and I can do this for various keywords which will bring in traffic equal to a top traffic one Churn out content that has a specific purpose if you want more traffic

Help your readers with a problem
Why do you think tutorials and guides bring in so much traffic to a blog or website?  It's because the site is helping the person with a problem and they stick around to read more.  The longer you have someone on your website, the more likely they'll turn into a customer, and that's what we all want!

If you're helping someone with a problem, they will see you as more of an authority and likely come back multiple times to see what else you're offering.

Final thoughts,
Content that has a purpose, as well as optimized, has much more engagement than something you throw together and talk about a specific keyword.  If you can solve a problem, give away some free information, or tell your niche-specific secrets, you will be able to boost your readership and keep people coming back for years!

Thanks for reading Churn out content that has a specific purpose if you want more traffic

- Tommy


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