How do I sell my video submission & backlinks services?

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How do I sell my video submission & backlinks services?

I want to sell my video submission & backlinks services. How do I advertise the best way to get maximum traffic to the services?


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Hi, MfaheemPBN

I Think The Best Way to get maximum traffic is separate between Video Submission and Backlinks Service
Because in SeoClerks. If you have lots of service, Meaning you can Earn Most Traffic of the services.

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Hi rehiga,
you are advicing a fellow worker, its a good thing. But few hours later (8 to be exact), you also started approx same Community Discussion topic. Thats funny, because no one advices about something that- he himself still searching the solution.

Anyway, now about the issue that MfaheemPBN is facing! Your service description should be well written, use points and bullets, dont copy the text or picture from other seller. Tell the buyer- what is your service, what you going to do, what you need from the buyer, etc. You should respond asap to minimize your response time!!

You should have example works ready to be showcased on your service page. Its better to have 5 top class, well described service than 50 services with nominal information that will do no good for you.

You should use free boost always, and later buy paid boost or other highlighting services from seoclerks, if you wish to have a better chances!

These are few tips, using them you should increases the chances of selling more and make money eventually! This tips is also applicable for rehiga, who also started No One Order My Service, Why?


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Hey MfaheemPBN,

Here are some of the easiest ways to promote your services and get some traffic to them so you can generate more sales.

Feature Your Services
If you click on "Manage Services" you will see all of your services on one page and you will see various links below them. You'll want to click on one of the featured options, probably the category featured option, and pay a 31-day fee to stick your service(s) to the top of your category.

Using the category feature will easily bring in sales if you have a good service. The better your service, the easier it is to sell, and that means more money in your pocket when everything is completed How do I sell my video submission & backlinks services?

I wouldn't use the homepage featured option just yet because you'll want to build up your reviews in order to really get the full advantage of the homepage featured promotion. If you start with that, and you don't have plenty of positive reviews, you may not capture as many sales because people don't like testing services, they want to read the positive reviews from other buyers in order to know your services are legitimate.

Bump Your Services
You can easily get free bumps by being active within the community discussion, delivering work to a customer on time, getting an affiliate sales, etc.

When you bump one of your services it will be active for 12 hours. This means your service will be pushed to the top of it's category for 12 hours as long as you don't have anyone else bumping you out of the top spot.

If you think strategically enough, figure out when the bigger fish are online, you can bump your services at those times and be sure to get in front of them easily. If you bumped your services at 12pm CST and 12am CST then you'd be able to target the United States and the UK easily in most cases. You should play around with this, test different time zones, and you will likely pull in some bigger clients than someone who needs 10 backlinks and that's all lol.

Social Media Promotion
When you go on sites like Facebook I'm sure you've seen plenty of groups that have people asking "Where can I get a logo designed?" or "Where can I get affordable SEO?" and these are the places you will want to pitch your own services. You don't want to post to anything that isn't relevant, so be sure to only post when someone is asking for a service related to your own, and you will likely convert more people. Also, there are dozens of people who will see your posts, not just the person asking the question, so be as professional as possible when doing this and try to answer any questions you can if they pop up.

You can take your promotion a step further and set up a funnel website then put that site on Adwords and Facebook Ads to generate more traffic. I would advise using an affiliate link on your funnel website so you don't lose any sales. You can get them to click and if they don't purchase from you at least you'll still make some money if they purchase from someone else How do I sell my video submission & backlinks services? You'll also build up your account this way since you need affiliate sales to increase your own level How do I sell my video submission & backlinks services?

These are just a few ways you can boost your sales so feel free to experiement How do I sell my video submission & backlinks services?

- Tommy

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You can Boost your services on a daily bases and it also depends on competitive prices and how you described your service packages and its benefits to buyers and your past work experiences so that you can communicate with clients professionally offer them sample work before ordering

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