WOW your customer to keep them coming back

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WOW your customer to keep them coming back

Many digital services for sale online aren't actually "Wow'ing" their customers. They're merely selling to make a quick buck and move onto the next order, but why is that? I assume it's because they're just trying to build profits and purchase something they need, or they don't care about the quality of their work, and that's one of the saddest parts of the services and gig industry.

If you're selling something to a customer, wouldn't you want to impress them with the final work? Wouldn't you want them to keep coming back and making a second, third, or even a tenth purchase from you so they can boost their website or authority?

Simply doing the work and sending it over to the customer isn't enough, you need to WOW them if you want them to come back again and again, and this discussion should help you get an understanding of just that.

Keep the conversation going
One of the simplest things to do is contact past clients and ask how your work was, what they would have changed, what were the results of your work, and if they would order again.

Their answers may not be what you're expecting, but that's not the point of keeping the conversation alive. You've successfully re-opened a path to them, and now your services will be on their radar once again. After you've done this, and gotten a response, pitch them your service and see what happens.

If they were unhappy with the work done, tell them you've upgraded your software/services/staff or whatever you think best relates to your service to make it sound better. If that's not enough, offer them a discount code or coupon, and they will likely come back for more to give you a second chance. Don't blow your second chance if an unsatisfied customer purchases another time!

Over-deliver whenever possible
Many times you will notice that service providers do the exact amount of work that was agreed upon. This isn't something you should be doing if you want to stand out and keep customers coming back. I'm a massive fan of over-delivering, and my clients are too, which is why they seem to keep coming back to me for work no matter my pricing lol.

It's not difficult to over-deliver something, but it does take some additional time. Build 25% more backlinks than the customer was expecting, write 500 more words in an article, send someone 100,000 visitors instead of 50,000 and you will notice all the positive reviews flow in and re-curring orders as well.

Get extremely detailed
One problem I've seen with backlink packages is they aren't very detailed. They will give you the exact match keyword/anchor, and that's it. They will place it wherever possible, not worrying about the niche it's going on, and they will call it a day when they hit the exact number of links agreed upon.

This pertains to almost every service out there and not just digital ones. You need to be the best you possibly can be, even if you have to work an additional hour or two because everything will work out for the best in the end WOW your customer to keep them coming back

Give a free add-on they weren't expecting
Almost every seller here has add-ons to their services, but almost none of them give them away for free. If you can surprise the buyer with a Free add-on, they will become loyal to you, and that's something we all want. Of course, if your service isn't good, they will still leave a bad review regardless of your free add-on lol.

Final thoughts,
If you're not trying to surprise your customer with the best possible thing they can purchase online, you're not trying hard enough to stand out, and your sales will likely show it. It takes time to build up a loyal customer base, but it's possible if you do everything to make them happy, so keep that in mind when you get your next sale WOW your customer to keep them coming back

Thanks for reading WOW your customer to keep them coming back

- Tommy


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One of My Customer Surprised of my work,
But he/she Still Not Comeback and order my other service.

Over Delivered With Just 90Sec Limit Videos, But I Gave him 120 Sec Videos.
And I Create The Script For him, Well I Hope He Comeback And Order My other Service
I Want to Give Him Half Price Discount. Because he is my first customer that trusts me.

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Hey Rehiga

Not every customer will come back right away. I've actually had customers come back 6+ months later and request additional work from me lol. Leave a lasting impression on them and they will come back when they need more work done. Don't be mad if they order from someone else, someone in a similar niche, because you can't win over everyone.

I usually get people to order from me, leave positive reviews, and then I don't hear back from them for a while because they don't have the funds to purchase again. On the other hand, I have people contacting me all the time about work being done because they can afford to pay me and love what I do for them WOW your customer to keep them coming back

You need to be patient and treat this like a business, because it is, and you will need to build it over time. Get 10 orders and you'll likely get 1 coming back for more. Get 100 orders and you'll have 10 coming back for more. The better your work is, the more likely they will come back, so keep over-delivering on everything you possibly can and your services will stick out from the crowd and funnel more people to them gradually. The more people that get funneled to your services, the more chances you have to create life long customers, and that means your profits will increase each year you stay productive WOW your customer to keep them coming back

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