buyer rejected my work after submitting my project

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buyer rejected my work after submitting my project

today a submit my work. the buyer rejects it as soon as possible. but I have done everything he told me and gave him a proper report. I think he has intention not to pay me. I am very much frustrated now.


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It's sad, but this does happen. People will buy a service and know they simply can't afford to do so. They will get the reports and no matter how well you did the work they will reject it and want their money back.

All you can do is be professional, work with the buyer as much as possible, and deliver exactly what was purchased. Leave as much of a paper trail as possible and the support team here will likely go to bat for you.

How many previous purchases has the buyer made from you or any other freelancer here? If they have various orders under their belt then they may know what to expect when they buy a specific service. There could be something wrong with the order, report, work done, samples, etc. so be sure to go through it all with a fine-tooth comb and be sure everything was delivered correctly. Sometimes when I'm writing content for a buyer I'll forget to run it through Grammarly and there will be a few mistakes I didn't catch. The customer will ask for a revision and I'll be able to fix it right away, submit it for approval, and everything keeps moving along.

I assume this is the service that was rejected?

There might have been a misunderstanding when the buyer purchased from you. Maybe they thought you were going to tell them exactly what to sell, how to sell it, and where to sell it in order to profit? Sometimes there's a language barrier and people might misunderstand what they are ordering, then they'll reject the work because it's not what they expected, and now you're at a standstill about the entire process.

You've done the work, haven't gotten paid for it, and now both sides are worried about what is going to happen with the money. If you can't come to an understanding with the customer then I would suggest you contact the support team and see if they can resolve it.

Support Desk:

Thanks buyer rejected my work after submitting my project

- Tommy

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This is so bad

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I Suggest, Fill your Guarantee Tags In Your Service Not 100 %, Example You Guaranteed 50% back.
Maybe It Will Help You

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