How to get First order.

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How to get First order.

Hello Friends

**I am SUNIT SHARMA from India. I am a freelancer and happy to join the SEOCLERK.COM. I would good to hear new suggestion to improve my GET Order skill. **


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Bump your offers, make sure your offers are competitive to others. Make sure they are professionally written.

Try and differentiate yourself from others. For example there are a ton of guest posting services offered out there. I've created a valuable offer proposition for mine which stands out against other $2, $10 cheap and cheerful offers.

It is not easy but good luck with it!!

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Hello friend How to get First order.

First off, you'll need to add some services if you really want to make some money here.

How to get First order.

When you start to add your services you will want to make sure they are competitively priced in the beginning so people will test out your services. Not many people want to purchase from a level 1 seller because they are untested, so encourage people to buy, and the easiest way to do that is a low price point. You can always raise your pricing later on after you've gotten some positive reviews, but keep it low in the beginning so people aren't afraid to test the service How to get First order. This is what I did and I now have customers contact me directly if my services aren't available lol. You can build up a good amount of recurring income if you start this way like most of us did, and it's one of the easiest ways to bring in your initial sales and reviews, which is why I always suggest it How to get First order.

When you're setting up your services you will need to format them just right. Use Bold titles, underline key points, use bullet points, etc. If you can make your service look great and keep people reading, they will stick around and likely purchase from you. You don't want to have a wall of text because it will become overwhelming when someone just wants to get snippets of information.

A little trick I like to do, when I have multiple services, is add links each of them within the descriptions of the services.

Service A
- Link to service B
- Link to service C

Service B
- Link to service A
- Link to service C

Service C
- Link to service A
- Link to service B

I will put these links at the end of the descriptions so people don't see them as intrusive and annoying. The links will be preceded by something like "Here are some more of my services" so people know I offer something else How to get First order.

After all that is done, you might want to try out a homepage feature or category feature. The homepage feature is pretty expensive for people just starting out so I would suggest trying a category feature. With the category feature you can put your service at the top of the category you're listed in and it won't move for 31 days. Normally, a service will move around within the category to give everyone a fighting chance at gaining sales naturally, but if you have a featured spot your service will be stuck at the top and get all of the views for a 31 day period.

I've used a category feature plenty of times and have gotten plenty of sales because of it. I still have recurring orders from the first time I placed my service at the top of the category for 31 days using this paid promotion method.

If I were you:
- Set up a few services
- Make sure the services look pretty and are formatted just right
- Add some custom images to my services
- Link my services together within each of their descriptions
- Use a category feature for a service I think will sell the best
- Use a homepage feature after I've made enough money from the category feature

The homepage feature is tough to get because they are so limited, which is why I always suggest people try out the category featured option first then try to get on the homepage.

I hope that helps you out How to get First order.

- Tommy

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