5 ways to boost your Instagram authority and sales

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5 ways to boost your Instagram authority and sales

Everyone is on Instagram for their business, and they're not all successful with their posts and advertising.  There are little tricks you can use to get noticed a little more, gain more followers, and overall be a more significant authority for the niche you're targeting.

You can't set up an account and think you're going to be an instant hit.  You will need to craft the right content, use the correct tags, advertise when possible, and maybe even partner with brands to get the word out even more.

Below are a few things you should think of before you post on Instagram.

Unique and High Quality content
People don't want to see the same images posted to 10 different accounts.  Instead, create your images using something like Canva and have something unique for your entire audience to view.

If you can push unique content, something that has your name or website on it, you will likely get some additional attention even if your competitors take your image and post it as their own.

Know your hashtags
If you're not using hashtags when you post to Instagram, then you're already losing the battle.  Hashtags are huge on Instagram, and that's how the majority of the searches are determined. 

Use under 30 hashtags for your posts, anything more will get your post ghosted, and if you can use the right combination of hashtags, you can get in front of thousands or possibly millions of people in a short amount of time.  The more popular your image gets, the more likely it will stick to the top of searches/hashtags, and the more traffic you will get to your profile.

Know who you're posting for
A lot of people will already know this, but I have to cover it, and that's because sometimes people will post something so obscure that it will lose them some followers. 

If you run an anime Instagram account, post anime related stuff, and don't post about your personal life or something you're interested in other than anime.  This goes for every niche out there!

You need to stick on a topic because that's why people follow you.  If they wanted to follow you because they were interested in who you were, they would ask for your account and follow it, but they aren't, so stick to the main topic your profile revolves around.

Get people engaged with your stories
You can post to your stories pretty quickly but a lot of accounts aren't creating engagement.  To do this, you have to tell people to click, swipe, sing, talk, dance, etc.  Whatever action it takes to create engagement, ask them to do it! 

People need to be told what to do today, not because they are dumb and don't understand, but because they tend to forget to do something while reading or getting intrigued by an amazing image they're trying to analyze.  If you put "More info in our Bio" people will click through and check out your biography as well as check out some additional posts you've made.

Have a consistent voice within your posts
Your "voice" can be all of the images you're creating for people to view as well as the actual text you add in the descriptions of the posts.  You need to stay consistent with the voice of your account so people can follow you.

If you're changing how you type, all of your filters, and what you're posting about you won't see many people sticking around.  The ones who do stick around might not log in that often, or they are fake accounts lol.

In the end, if you can follow the five things I mentioned above, you will be able to boost your authority, gain many more followers, and turn them into sales at the same time.  Building a credible Instagram account takes time because people need to find you, but that won't be difficult as long as you use the right hashtags and interact with the majority of them.

Thanks for reading 5 ways to boost your Instagram authority and sales

- Tommy


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