Best means for Good Traffic and the right Click through.

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Best means for Good Traffic and the right Click through.

Looking for out the box suggestion for the right traffic and click-through especially on ads.


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Hey longemagazine,

I'm going to guess and say you're trying to get an answer to what is the best traffic source that can send people to your website and click on your own ads, something like Adsense?

There are three platforms you can utilize for something like this, but you'll want to optimize your website as much as possible so you can get the best click-through rate possible. Look over some sort of heat mapping service, or see if you can find a free one online, and figure out where people are viewing your website the most. Wherever you see the darkest red spots, that's where you'll want to have your Adsense strips, and this will ensure you're getting the most clicks possible.

You'll want to be sure that it doesn't seem like you're forcing people to click on your ads because Google absolutely hates that. Your ads need to look natural, display that they are ads, and they can't have something like a big arrow that says "CLICK HERE!!!" because your account will get banned right away if that's the case.

As for the two platforms I mentioned above...

Facebook Ads, Adwords, and Bing Ads

These are all paid advertising platforms, so you'll need to get the lowest possible cost per click so you can actually make money when someone clicks on your Adsense ads. It's difficult to do this with Adwords because they own the Adsense platform, but it's possible. You'll usually break even with Adwords and that's why a lot of people go with Facebook ads or Bing Ads when they're trying to do arbitrage.

Facebook Ads
Get super targeted with your ads, target the entire world, and be sure your ads are placed just right with the method I mentioned above about the heat mapping. You can get website visitors for as low as $0.01 per click and get a good amount of Adsense clicks if you're lucky. Your niche will matter when doing arbitrage because you won't make much money if you're earning $0.02 per click and paying $0.01 per click through facebook ads. You'll want to find a higher paying niche when it comes to Adsense and gets low CPC traffic from adwords in hopes you can bring in the biggest paycheck possible, but again, it's a difficult thing to do.

Bing Ads
You'll be using the same method as you do for Facebook ads, get the lowest CPC and send people to a high AdSense earning website. You can get $0.01 clicks with Bing Ads if you set your bids low and target worldwide traffic, but again it's going to be difficult to profit if you don't have the right ads, in the right spots, and getting the most per click on your Adsense ads.

There have been thousands of people who have used ad platforms to send traffic to their Adsense websites and not many of them have been successful. I'm hoping you can be one of the rare cases that can achieve this, but that's a slim chance :'(

If you don't have the funds to set up and run ads continuously then I'd suggest hitting niche related forums, blogs, and websites to share your own URLs to the masses and hope you can get the most clicks possible.

- Tommy

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lol that has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion. If you want to lower peoples Alexa rating with USA traffic then start a service and get sales.

The FAQ and Discussion area isn't for pitching services, it's for helping people with their problems and answering whatever questions someone has.

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