Creating the Absolute Best LinkedIn Ad That Will Convert

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Creating the Absolute Best LinkedIn Ad That Will Convert

We've all worked on ads in the past, but a LinkedIn Ad is a little different since you're targeting business professionals and owners.  You can't use the same tricks and tactics you would focus on Adwords or Bing Ads because when you're advertising there, you're usually targeting the consumer.

Advertising on LinkedIn is similar in the terms that you're paying to place an ad in front of people you want to convert into a sale, but it's an entirely different monster that needs a slightly different approach when paying for advertising.

An attention-grabbing headline
On Adwords or Bing Ads you may say something about how your business is good, you'll get top rankings, your products are the best, etc.  Well, that might work on LinkedIn sometimes, but it's not a guaranteed winner.

Instead, write your ads like you're talking to the CEO of a company that is on the fence when it comes to signing up for your services or buying your product.  Talk about how you can save them money, how the ROI of your products or services is amazing, and use business jargon if you want since most of the people reading your ad will understand it.

Get real business focused and stay professional while talking about how you can help their companies save money while profiting more.  They love that stuff!

Using strong images
Custom images are nice to use, especially when on LinkedIn, so be sure to bust open Canva or pay a graphic designer to help you with this.  You'll want to use very strong images when possible so they people reading/seeing your ads can try to picture themselves within the ad.

I like using business scenarios where there's an obvious leader who is controlling the room and giving orders.  I will also use images where everyone is sitting down at a table and laughing along with the boss because they all love what they're doing.

It depends on what type of person you're targeting and what type of business they run.  If you're targeting the head of a larger corporation, you'll want to use strong images that aren't laughable since they're likely interested in making more money and not how much someone is laughing lol.

Understand Your Targeting
Like I mentioned above, you need to understand who you're targeting and what type of ads they will likely gravitate towards.  Your images can help you persuade someone to make a purchase, but it's dependent on who you can get them in front of.

You can mention who you're targeting in the ad, so you're more likely to get that type of person to click.  Something like "Are you the CEO?  Don't pass this up!" and people who are just employees of a business will likely avoid the ad and save you money, in the long run, lol Creating the Absolute Best LinkedIn Ad That Will Convert

In the end, LinkedIn marketing isn't the easiest thing to master since the majority of people focus more on Adwords and Bing Ads, but it's something you should try out.  It's a bit more expensive than all of the other platforms out there since you have to pay $2 per click, yes that's how much the lowest CPC is, and this is why most smaller companies avoid advertising on LinkedIn lol.  If you have a service or product that has a high conversion rate paired with a high dollar value, LinkedIn might be a good place for you to test out and see what happens.

Thanks for reading Creating the Absolute Best LinkedIn Ad That Will Convert

- Tommy


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