Your ad copy might suck - Here's how to fix it!

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Your ad copy might suck - Here's how to fix it!

You may have written ad copy in the past and it has done well, but you could have been getting lucky and now you're stuck doing the same thing and wondering "What is going on?!?!".  Well, your ad copy might have sucked in the past and that means it's not going to do you much good now.  You could have just gotten lucky back then and people saw a great product or service attached to it, but now they've become wise or numb to your copy that they glaze over it and move on.

In this discussion, I'm going to go over a few things that I focus on when writing up my own ads, and they are.

The right titles
In the past, I've written up 20+ titles for a single ad and I wouldn't pick a single one of them.  Instead, I would use a sort of Frankenstein title that was pieced together from the 20+ that I had written.  It would be my super title and I would run with it.

I would usually have a number in there like "5,000+ Sales" or "1,000+ in stock" in order to grab someone's attention.  Adding numbers into your titles will help you stand out from the crowd pretty easily.

Another little trick you can use are [brackets] because your eye gets drawn to them.  Pair up the brackets and numbers trick and you'll get "[9,000+ Units]" which will decimate your competitors. 

Add in some flavor text like "#1 SEO Company in the US [650+ clients]" and you'll have a winner on your hands most of the time Your ad copy might suck - Here (see what I did with the #1 lol)

The "body" or descriptions
Your title will catch them, pull them in, get them intrigued, but your description needs to Woo them into clicking.  Write something engaging that shows you're the real deal and you will likely get clicks.

Something like...

We don't beat your competitors, we destroy them, so hire us before they do.
This will show your potential customers that you're in it to win it and you don't want a 2nd place participation ribbon lol.  You will also be giving them a sense of urgency and that's another little trick to increase your sales Your ad copy might suck - Here

Don't get too pitchy
A lot of people want to pitch a product or service within their ad copy but that's not really necessary.  You should let your landing page do the work of converting them into a sale with pitchy advertising and use your actual ad to convert them into clicking through.

I don't like talking about pricing unless it's within [brackets] in the title, other than that I tend to leave it out of the ad and no one will see the pricing until they click through and read the entire page they land on. 

Talk about your services and highlight what you're best at.  If you do this you will likely get some phone calls, emails, chats, etc. and sign on some new clients or sell some additional products.

Be genuine but have an edge
When someone contacts you through email, a ticket, or live chat you will always want to be genuine with them.  Don't try to convert them into a customer, just talk to them, and they will gladly purchase from you after all their questions have been answered.

I've noticed that when I switched from a salesman to just being genuine I started to create more lifelong customers compared to one time buyers.  People really gravitate towards someone speaking the truth and being helpful, and you can put all of this into your ad copy as well.

Be real with someone when they come across your ad, don't sugar coat it too much, and they will likely click through and think "This website isn't telling me any sort of lie" and they will trust you a bit more.

Understand who you're writing to
Knowing your audience will have a large impact on if your ad copy is really going to be good or not.  You can write a killer ad for one audience and use it in a completely different one only to watch the ad flop with no conversions and little success. 

Knowing your audience isn't that difficult, you just need to think of what that type of person would want to read and then implement it into your ad copy.  Use the tricks above combined with knowing your audience and you should be able to create killer ads for any niche or audience Your ad copy might suck - Here

In the end, writing up the perfect ad for each person is going to be impossible, so you'd be better off targeting an entire audience and pleasing the majority of them.  Use the numbers trick, as well as the brackets trick, while being genuine with everyone and you should be able to increase your click-throughs and hopefully your profits in the end Your ad copy might suck - Here

Thanks for reading Your ad copy might suck - Here

- Tommy


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Thanks for your beautiful article.
Long term ago I have experience about classified ad post.
For making the ad post live- at first I made several article titles.
After that I made the several ad titles with special signs.
I mean I have used several special characters between the word of ad title.
By this way I got posting live.
In case of description the techniques are same also.


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