How to be a better digital marketer in 2019

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How to be a better digital marketer in 2019

A lot of people are claiming to be a digital marketer when they're just a blogger for their parents' church, or something similar, so this may help you out to be better in 2019.

To be a digital marketer, you need to do SEO, SEM, monitor PPC campaigns, blog, write content, etc.  You essentially need to do everything there is to build traffic and sales to a website for it to be profitable.  If you're not doing that, you're not a full-fledged digital marketer, but you can be if you go above and beyond.  Below are four things you should start to focus on if you want to be a better digital marketer in 2019

Know your audience
Not everyone knows who they're pitching to, who they're writing for, or even who is coming to their website and from where they came from.  To be better at digital marketing in 2019, you need to understand your audience much better, and that starts with simply understanding why you would come to the website you're working on.  You could have cutting edge technology, a better product, or your audience likes the content you're writing, and they keep coming back for more!

If you can figure out all the little details about your audience, then you will know what type of ads they will engage with more, what type of content to put in front of them, and how to get them to sign up or purchase from you.

Publish real content
Not many people will sit down and take the time to write up a 2,000+ word article for their readers because they will think "It's not that important" and that's why they might be failing in 2019.  The reality of the matter is that blogging can bring in a lot of traffic, keep the traffic coming back, and keep the sales flowing if done right.

You can write original content that isn't pitchy, and you will be able to link to some products and watch people gravitate towards them.  You will also be able to suggest products in the sidebars which will also boost your sales How to be a better digital marketer in 2019

Reduce your response times
This is a biggie in 2019 because everyone wants instant gratification.  If you're not answering people right away, they will go to another website that can, and that means you've just lost a sale!  I would suggest you set up some ticket system where you can answer via email and get responses to people right away.  If that's not enough you can always add something like for live chat and people will be able to talk to you through your smartphone right away.  You may miss some chat requests here and there because of connection issues, but that's normal, so be sure to have an auto-response asking them to input their email if you don't respond right away.

Use real names
Using a pen name is a thing of the past when it comes to business in 2019.  You can't be "JakeTheSnake84" anymore because people won't be able to build a solid relationship with you.  Also, when someone leaves a review for you, do you want them saying "JakeTheSnake84 was great!" or would you prefer, "Tommy helped me out immensely!"? 

It's much more professional to have a real name showing up rather than a pen name, and it will take you much further in business.

In the end, you need to be as professional as possible with people while also being yourself.  Don't worry if you put a "lol" or "haha" in there because that's showing strangers you're a happy person.  You can use a smiley if you want, but I wouldn't do that until you start to build a relationship with someone.  You'll need to know your audience as much as possible to increase your sales and keep them coming back.  You'll also need to use a real name and reduce your response times as much as possible so people can talk directly with you, know it's you, and be able to mention your name if they leave a review How to be a better digital marketer in 2019  If you can do those simple little things you can be a better digital marketer in 2019 How to be a better digital marketer in 2019

Thanks for reading How to be a better digital marketer in 2019

- Tommy


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Very good tips! This info is quite useful for me because soon I will start my project. It will be online sport betting service. I will use ready-made software from Betinvest, they offer cool options for this purpose. Also I want to work with esport betting nowadays it is popular. All I will need is to work with marketing, can you recommend where to start?

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Hey Clifford,

Your setup sounds pretty awesome because I don't think the competition with eSports betting is very big just yet. Get in early and maximize your profits then sell to the highest bidder and retire early lol How to be a better digital marketer in 2019

I've never heard of betinvest but I'll check them out and see what they offer How to be a better digital marketer in 2019

As for your marketing and where to start, I would suggest starting with a blog and building it up as much as possible. Write content about all the big eSports teams, the main players, the games, the tournaments, etc. After you get a wealth of content on your website you might notice some traffic coming in from long tailed keywords. This is where you will now need to start with your SEO and go big with it. You will need as many high DA links as you can get from niche related websites like gaming sites and blogs as well as general sports blogs revolving around soccer, football, baseball, hockey, and any bigger sport you can think of.

Since you're in an eSports niche it will still tie into sporting events and bigger industries, so you won't have to target gaming websites solely. You can target anything related to sports, even other bloggers websites offering guest posts, just be sure to stick within your niche for the best results.

After you get a bunch of good backlinks, guest posts, etc. you will now want to find some services here and build backlinks that will aim at the backlinks which are aiming at your main site. This is called tiered linking and it works quite well.

It looks like this: Tier 3 Backlinks >> Tier 2 Backlinks >> Tier 1 Backlinks >> Your Website

Now, you can do pyramid linking where you can build 10,000 backlinks in tier 3 aimed at 1,000 backlinks in tier 2 which are aimed at 100 backlinks at tier 1. This will give you a good flow of "link juice" which should help you a little more in the long run and boost your rankings quicker but keep you stable along the way.

If you're looking to do some paid advertising I would set up an adwords campaign, bing ads campaign, and a Facebook ads campaign. This will hit the majority of your industry and allow you to start making waves as soon as possible. You can do this while you're creating your content or after you have the majority of it written, but just be sure you are ready for it. I would have at least 10 articles on your finished website before you start to get into any form of PPC advertising because your traffic will see you as an incomplete website if you don't have anything on your blog.

You'll also need to use retargeting from Facebooks pixel or use something like PerfectAudience so you can push specific ads in front of people who have visited your website. This will pay off really well because you're reminding people of your services, products, systems, brand, etc. and they will usually come back. Retargeting has a higher ROI potential because the people you're advertising to have already been on your website, but it can be a little more expensive, so be ready for that How to be a better digital marketer in 2019

I hope that's enough information to get you started How to be a better digital marketer in 2019

- Tommy

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Thanks for information your information helpful come

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You're very welcome How to be a better digital marketer in 2019 I'm glad you enjoyed it How to be a better digital marketer in 2019

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