Buying Cheap Backlinks and how to use them effectively

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Buying Cheap Backlinks and how to use them effectively

Everyone wants to buy cheap backlinks and get top rankings for extremely difficult keywords, but it doesn't work like that.  You can use cheap backlinks in a way to help boost your website to the top of the SERPs, but you'll never use them as a primary way to bring in all the traffic.

If you're looking to purchase cheap backlinks for your website, there are many things you need to consider, and below are a few of them.  You need to buy the best cheap backlinks you can afford; you need to understand that the majority of these backlinks are built by software, you should never use them on your homepage or sub-pages, and understand the importance of manual vs. software built backlinks.

Buy The Best Cheap Backlinks
Yes, there are varying degrees of cheap backlinks for you to purchase and you likely know what I'm talking about.  You can pay $1 for 500,000 backlinks, or you can pay $5 for 20 backlinks.  The $1 mass backlinks probably won't help you at all because they will come from bad web 2.0s and profile pages, which will never help you in the long run.

What you want to look for is something that has a little bit of authority to boost your pages.  You may be paying more for less, but you need to think "high quality cheap backlinks" if you want to rank on top of the Google search results for your desired keywords.

These are Automated Packages
I would say that roughly 90% of these cheaper backlink packages are automated and 10% are done manually.  This doesn't mean that 90% of the services aren't as good as the other 10%, it simply means they are doing what they can to free up time and do the same thing the other 10% are taking a long time to do.

Use on Tier 2 or Tier 3 links
NEVER use these cheaper packages on your homepage, subpage, blog posts, etc.  You never want them aimed directly at your website, but you will want to use them on pages from 3rd party websites that are aimed at your site. 

What you'll essentially be doing is building a mini web of high quality backlinks aimed at your website and then purchasing these cheap backlinks to aim at the high quality ones.  This is one way of pushing your high quality links even higher, which will push your pages higher, and that means more traffic for you!

Aiming these cheaper high quality links at your website will usually result in a penalty over time when you've done it 20 to 30 times.  If you're doing this 20 to 30 times at 20 to 30 different high quality websites that are aimed at your own, it won't be a problem Buying Cheap Backlinks and how to use them effectively

In the end,
I've used plenty of cheaper services here to help me boost my high quality backlinks higher than they normally sit so I can increase my website's rankings.  I've gone from stuck at the middle of page 2 to the top of page 1 with this little technique, and it doesn't seem to change much with each algorithm change.  Your tier 1 links still need to be amazing to rank, but these cheaper backlinks give you an additional boost to overthrow your competitors and take all the traffic Buying Cheap Backlinks and how to use them effectively

Thanks for reading Buying Cheap Backlinks and how to use them effectively

- Tommy


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There has so excellent discuss about backlink creation. As well main it that first of all you have to optimize your onpage seo properly for rank your site.

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Yes, you definitely need to focus on your on page optimization if you want your backlinks to do all they can. People will start building backlinks without properly optimizing their pages before and they will then complain that their websites aren't ranking well. The problem is that everyone wants instantaneous rankings but they don't want to put in the work lol. Or, they might not know everything that needs to be done and hear "You need backlinks to outrank your competition" and they just build links thinking they'll rank.

You definitely need a good mix of on page optimization and off page optimization if you want to rank well Buying Cheap Backlinks and how to use them effectively

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I haven't tried this kind of strategy. Do you think it will work with my blog at
Where can I find you in case I have questions?

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thanks for sharing this info i found it so amazing Jiosaavn Music for mac

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