Be the best SEO reseller possible by building your brand

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Be the best SEO reseller possible by building your brand

When you don't have the skills to do the work yourself, you can always be the middle man and become a reseller.  This is especially big when it comes to SEO services since not everyone has the time to be online and testing every little tweak to the search engines that come out.

I've been doing this for years now, and it's more than paid my bills, so I know you could do it too, just don't overthrow me please lol Be the best SEO reseller possible by building your brand

What I'll be going over are some key points for you to follow if you want the best output and keep customers coming back.  I'm not going to go over your design and how you should be marketing yourself, just some points to focus on that I thought was more secondary but quickly realized they were key points after a few months of getting clients on board.

Back in the day when SEO was the wild west, you could sell a 1,000 profile backlink package for $15 and have the software run its course.  You would then compile the report, send it to the customer, and they would likely come back and order again.  Now you can't do that, you need to be a full-service agency that beats everyone's pricing, but you can't do that if you're starting.  That's why I'm writing this discussion Be the best SEO reseller possible by building your brand

Be Responsive
You need to have a live chat system like on your website as well as something that allows you to answer emails almost immediately.  I try to avoid emails at all costs, so I stick with support tickets and allow guests to fill them out without logging in, which they seem to love.

If you're waiting 24 hours or longer to respond, you're going to miss out on a lot of sales.  You can't let your potential customers sit and wait for a response because they will go to the next website they find and purchase from them.

So, reduce your response times drastically with live chat and ticket systems that go right to your phone, and you can talk with everyone even if you're not at your desk.

Only Work With The Best
When I'm reselling, I will only work with level 3 or higher members.  Sorry to everyone that is lower than level 3 and has an amazing service, I just can't take a chance when my money is on the line!

By filtering out level 1 and level 2 members you know you're getting freelancers who are dedicated to their craft and sell great services.  If you resell their services, which will be marked up, you can get a great outcome when the client you sell to loves you and keeps coming back.

Gain Facebook Likes
Set up a community or page and be sure to pay for some facebook likes.  You can get penny likes if you target your niche and don't limit your reach, which is what you'll want to do.  You'll get your likes for $0.01 to $0.03 each, and that will be how you build up your first wave of authority.

People want to buy from service providers that know what they're doing.  If they see you have thousands of likes on your facebook page already, they will assume all of these people have purchased from you, and that's the first thing that will break down the barrier between you and the client.

Ask for reviews of "your" services
After you send out a report, file, edit, etc. you will want to talk with the customer to see how they react.  If they are angry and don't want to work with you again, never ask them for a review.  If they are genuinely happy with the results, ask them for a review!

Happy customers are less likely to leave a review compared to grumpy ones.  By asking the happy ones for a review, then linking them to the page where they can leave it, they are more likely to type up some kind words for you and your services Be the best SEO reseller possible by building your brand

Getting these reviews will pave the way for increased sales.  People will land on your website, do some research, and they will see everyone talking positively about your services, and they will come back and pay you!

In conclusion
This method takes time, and you will need to work on it.  You can't just set and forget this, even if you have VAs doing work for you, because every customer will want to see the owner getting their hands dirty and still doing the work.  Being responsive will close more deals than you would think, so have live chat and ticket systems in place to capture all the questions, then answer them immediately.  Be kind, courteous, and be professional if you want people to keep coming back for more orders Be the best SEO reseller possible by building your brand

Thanks for reading Be the best SEO reseller possible by building your brand

- Tommy


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