anyone tell me about link building & backlinks?

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anyone tell me about link building & backlinks?

seems this service is amazing for sellers,
these days, so much demand for these..
so can anyone tell me about this. i didn't understand about this !!


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Backlinks are good for building trust around your website, however Google does not like the use of automated backlink tools.

Some examples of good backlinks (not spammy or bad ones) are.
A mix of High (page rank/PR) sites that are of a similar interest to yours, for example games sites get links from other games sites.
A mix of types of backlinks (blog comments, homepage links, signatures, etc..)
The more you have the better you will be, but only targeted and quality sites though.
Make sure to include your keywords in the "anchor text" or "hyperlink" so that helps with your search engine ranking.


I did NOT write that which is why it has been quoted. All rights go to the user who posted it on the link above. Contact me if you need further help.

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A mixture is always good. but most of the link building services are very expensive. Microjob sites like seoclerks is the place to find for cheap gigs which you can find good links.

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Do you Need Back Link? No problem Its easy.Its important for Google PR.
Just Buy Back link Gig from

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This days anchor text variation is very important.

If a few month/ years a go building backlinks to your 1-2 main kw was enough, this days those kw must have a max of 30-40% of your entire backlinks.

And also you must thinks look as natural as possible.

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Link Building and backlink are more or less similar concept with a slight difference. Linkkind building is sharing your links on various websites so that these links point towards your website. backlink is also the same, but it is more used for SEO purpose. backlinks are generated for the purpose of search engine ranking and domain authority.

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If you don’t understand link building then I suggest that you do not buy a service for that purpose because you might just be duped. I am not saying that sellers of backlinks are scammers but there certainly are smart guys around in this market place just like any market place offline. Just be careful of what you buy and it is good to ask people by posting in this forum about your concern.

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