How to successfully sell leads online, with a twist

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How to successfully sell leads online, with a twist

Most people will sell leads they gathered through contact forms, but that doesn't always end in a client signing up because they have no clue who you are 95% of the time.  Selling leads isn't the easiest thing to do, and I should know because I've been doing it for a while now, but I've come to the reality that smaller niches are much easier to target than larger ones like SEO or Online Marketing.

I use to sell SEO leads in the past, and it was pretty cutthroat.  I would get killed by people who were selling leads for $5 and then the person I would try to sell to would say they didn't have success with someone else's leads and they didn't want mine.  Well, that's not how lead generation works lol.  One person may have bad leads, and my leads are nothing like theirs, but that's not what the potential client thinks if they have experience with purchasing leads at the lowest possible cost.

With this little method, you can build a few websites and generate a small passive income or grow it to become a behemoth income if you stick with it and don't get overburdened. 

Large Target Areas
Think of all the towns and cities near you and how many people are living in each one.  You can actually do a search to figure out the population from the most recent census, but it'll give you the number of households and now how many people are actually in the home, but that doesn't matter much.  I'm not sure if you cand do this outside of the US, but I'm sure there are ways to check population if you are not in the United States.

Find the largest towns in your area, not a major city, and that's what you'll be targeting.  The town I'm in has over 150,000 households, which is pretty large, so I tend to stick with it and target different niches.

Low Competition Keywords
Now that you have the town or city you're looking to target, we will need to figure out what keywords we want to rank for.  This is where the money potential starts to show it's face because the better the keywords, the more money you could make, and the sooner you could quit your day job lol.

Now, you want to stick with easier niches since they will rank quicker once you start to target your keywords.  Think of something like "Roofing Company Chicago" or "Fountain Installers New York," and you will be able to rank pretty quickly even if you're going up against sites like Angie's List or Houzz.  You'll rank quicker because your site is going to be super targeted for these keywords How to successfully sell leads online, with a twist

Building and Ranking Your Site
You don't have to get crazy with this; you can put up a 3 to 5 page website and be done with it.  You'll just need to basic pages like a homepage (duh), contact page, TOS/Privacy Page, and a blog with content to get started.

You'll want to make your website be a lead generator, so you'll want a capture form on the homepage, and make sure it's enticing, so people want to contact you.  You'll want to make your site look like it's legitimate, so offer some sort of service on there that's related to the niche you're targeting, and now we can get to the rankings.

Since you're targeting easy to rank for keywords and your website is super optimized for these keywords, you won't need much to rank.  You'll want to focus on some high quality backlinks like high DA links and contextual backlinks to get started.  Build them yourself or purchase them here, and when you're done with those, you'll want to build a few more links aimed at your first tier links to give them a little additional boost.  All of this should take about a month because you'll want your website to go up the rankings "naturally" before you start to reach out.

Finding Service Providers
There are dozens of service providers for physical labor jobs, so be sure to find a lot of them before you start to do your outreach.  Simply contact them and say something like "Do you need more leads for (your niche)?" and most of the providers will respond to you.

Simply tell them what your website is, how much traffic you're now getting, and tell them you planned to advertise it this week to triple the traffic that is coming in.  They will see your numbers and think "If I can close just 1 of those people a week I will more than make up for what I'm paying for these leads" and BAM you have a new client!

Don't Get Greedy - Sell Exclusive Leads
Most lead generation services will sell a single lead 4 or 5 times, maybe more, to get the most money in their pocket.  If you want to keep your customers on board and to pay you every month, you will need to sell these leads to them and only them!

Don't get greedy and double or triple dip a lead.  Your buyers will know this is happening when none of the leads are converting into a sale.  This means the client will stop paying you, and it was no one's fault but your own.  Sell exclusive leads to your clients, and they will stay signed up with you.

Your website should forward each lead to them in real-time, so they know you're doing the work.

Give leads away for free!
You have a lot of people on the fence, but they don't know if they should sign up?  Give away leads for free so they know you're doing the work! 

You don't need to give away an entire month of leads, just give away 5-10 leads for free and see what the client can do with them.  After they contact all the free leads, they will realize the power of your services and sign up with you How to successfully sell leads online, with a twist

This is a biggie, the meat of the discussion, what you've all been waiting for! 

*Drum Roll*

You will not sell each lead individually or every week.  You will charge your clients $500+ a month for all of the leads you generate, and they will pay you a one lump sum at the beginning of the month or whenever you come to an agreement on payments.

Most SEO lead generation services will sell exclusive leads for $25+ and claim you can close 10% of the leads for $750+ per month, which isn't true.  Your leads can do this for your customers, and you're only charging $500 a month for something that will cost the buyer $1,000s for.  The person you're selling leads to will understand the value you bring in, will love the free leads you've already sent, and they will stay signed up with you as long as they are in control of the business lol.

In the end, selling leads is a tricky thing to do because no one wants a person to contact them out of nowhere and say they can send 100s of leads to them.  They've probably been in business for a long time and get spammed by lead generation services each week, so how are you any different?  You give away free leads, and the potential buyer will think, "What could it hurt?  I get free leads that don't convert, and I won't use this service.  If I get leads that convert I will have plenty of money to pay for this service and they will send me dozens of leads a month!" so they will sign up with you after they close a few free leads How to successfully sell leads online, with a twist

Thanks for reading How to successfully sell leads online, with a twist

- Tommy


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For better SEO leads, you have to prepare a work strategy for achieving lead paths. There is no short cut of success. After setting paths,you must go on to the back link process. And generate reports through Google analytics. You will get a better position in digital marketing field in a few days. Keep continue with your prefixed goals.

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You're talking about leads for your own business through the means of SEO. This discussion was written as a way to generate leads and then sell them to other businesses How to successfully sell leads online, with a twist

Your way definitely works, but it's not really related to this discussion since I was talking about selling leads to other businesses and not generating them for myself.

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